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Shorts and Bare Feet Year-Round Thanks to DVS Home Ventilation System

Comfort was a key priority for the renovation of this family home. The project included an add-on which extended the home from 95m² To 170m² and upgrades to insulation to improve energy-efficiency. To really maximise performance and comfort levels, a DVS EC Reclaim Connect Balanced Heat Recovery system (MVHR) was chosen to effectively control temperature and manage humidity.

“We had an objective of comfort in all seasons — to be barefoot and in shorts and t-shirt year-round,” explains the homeowner. “So with re-insulating, we wanted to make sure we could reduce the need for active heating in winter.”

They also wanted to resolve moisture issues that they’d had in the past. “​​Before the renovation we had issues with moisture and mould, particularly in kids bedrooms — we could visibly see black mould on the wall behind the beds. With teen boys we wanted to make sure the room could ventilate even with the doors closed.”

Wanting to avoid the draughts and boxy aesthetic of heat pumps, the clients opted for a more subtle solution with a DVS EC Reclaim Connect Balanced Heat Recovery system. The system ventilates with fresh air from outdoors year-round to reduce moisture and condensation. And in winter, it switches to a heat transfer system when required, circulating warm air that’s been heated by gas fireplaces in living areas to the rest of the home.

With DVS offering a design service to determine the layout of inlets, outlets and ducting, the specification process was simple. “We provided them with a layout and they came back with a design that the architects could work with.”

The system was then installed by approved DVS installers, with the main unit and ducting located in the roof cavity and connected to a system of inlets and outlets in bedrooms and living areas. Bringing added peace of mind, the installers will return once a year to do a maintenance check and ensure the system is working perfectly.

The DVS team were also able to offer solutions to aesthetic concerns, such as in the living room where a colour-matched architectural grille was specified to blend in with the architectural finish of the space.

Over a year later, the family are thrilled with the way the DVS Heat Recovery system has performed. “The DVS system monitors temperature, humidity and C02 levels so we know the house is really healthy,” they say. “And when we come back from holidays the house doesn’t feel stale.”

Ultimately, the choice to use the EC Reclaim Connect Balanced Heat Recovery system has perfectly matched their expectations, offering the year-round comfort they wanted. “We’re in shorts and bare feet in winter, and there’s no sign of mould or condensation. It’s just as we’d hoped.”

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Shorts and Bare Feet Year-Round Thanks to DVS Home Ventilation System
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