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Skyfold Retractable Wall Systems Create Flexible Spaces

Skyfold Operable Walls have been designed to bring flexibility to spaces, without compromising on floorspace. Unlike traditional operable wall systems which require storage pockets at floor level, the Skyfold systems’ vertically folding walls retract neatly into a ceiling cavity when not in use. No floor or wall tracks are required, helping to maximise usable space.

The Skyfold system is a fast and easy-to-use solution for dividing large rooms. Simple keypad operation allows the automatic doors to retract into the ceiling cavity within minutes. This saves users the time and labour typically spent rearranging movable walls — some of which can take over an hour to set up each time.

The Skyfold Operable wall system is also lighter than other traditional wall systems. As Skyfold systems exert a static even load on the supporting structure, less structural steel is required than with other similar systems — helping to minimise weight and costs.

The ease of use and flexibility offered by Skyfold Systems makes them suitable for a range of applications including convention centres, hotels, offices and educational fit-outs. The walls are custom built to fit the requirements of any space, including sloped or stepped floors and 90 degree applications. Skyfold wall systems offer acoustic performance up to STC 60 and are available in a wide range of finish options including wood veneer, metal, fabric, vinyl, painted and whiteboard surfaces.

The systems are available in three series:

  • Skyfold Classic: Offering the most flexibility, the greatest range of wall sizes and exceptional acoustics up to STC 60.

  • Skyfold Zenith: Designed for areas which may have wall obstructions, limiting the use of a vertical folding wall, while still providing exceptional acoustics up to STC 60.

  • Skyfold Mirage: An interior glass wall system, available in a wide variety of transparent panels.

Available in New Zealand exclusively through dormakaba, the Skyfold Operable Wall system is an ideal solution for maximising existing space and enhancing a room’s functionality.

View more information on dormakaba, including contact details.
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