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January 2012

DORMA Electro-Magnets

Mag-Locks can be big, ugly and reach sizes of up to 712mm long.

DORMA prizes design aesthetic as much as quality and functionality, so huge Mag-Locks on a door does nothing to assist that vision, let alone allow the addition of surface mounted door closers or co-ordination devices.

DORMA's solution for this problem is the ITS96 GSR with Door Co-ordination System. It’s a beautifully concealed system where the bodies of the closers are set into the door leaves and the track and co-ordinator are set into the head frame.

If budgetary restrictions are an issue, try the DORMA EM 6800.

The EM 6800 uses the same type of high grade steel used in cyclotron particle accelerators, 99.8% pure copper to preserve electrical efficiency and high quality resins which allows the EM 6800 to be used in temperature ranges of -60 to +80 degrees celcius.

It’s tiny, strong, beautiful and versatile. Pop one of these on your next set of double leaves and you’ll have plenty of room left for any associated hardware, not to mention the superior design and functionality aspects.

The EM 6800 comes in semi recessed, recessed or surface mounted options and measures up at 128mm long, 21.7mm wide and 26.7mm deep.  That’s pretty tiny, but it’s the holding force that this little magnet produces which you can get excited about 6,800Nm. That’s not a misprint either.

Cost wise, it’s a winner too.

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