Deterring the Copper Thieves with Marley Stratus

with Marley02 April 2013


While copper spouting has always been admired for its aesthetic effect, the recurring crime was enough to deter the child-care centre from the copper look permanently... or so they thought.

Marley was made aware of the situation by one of its recommended installers, Supercity Property Services. Marley knew exactly what to do: its New Zealand-made Marley Stratus Design Series designer uPVC spouting and downpipes were the perfect answer to the situation.

Marley offered to replace Bear Park’s system free of charge with its uPVC Typhoon spouting and 80 mm round downpipe in a copper-metallic finish. This has solved the problem once and for all without the need to sacrifice the much-loved copper look.

The Stratus spouting and downpipe system is low maintenance, which suits Bear Park’s busy schedule. Even with the centre’s position near the coast, products from the Marley Stratus range will never rust and they are guaranteed for 15 years.

Not only are there two colour finishes to choose from, but the Marley Stratus Design Series is also available with internal or external brackets to create different looks. Knowing that the product is also 100 per cent recyclable ensures complete peace of mind.

“We’re really thrilled with the result - the product looks great, and we don’t have to worry about thieves anymore. We can’t thank Marley enough for their generosity,” says Nikki Joyce, owner of Bear Park.

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