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March 2011

Cost Effective, Lightweight Roofing Systems for Temporary Housing from South Pacific Shingles

An asphalt shingle roofing system can be supplied and laid from as little as $40.00 + GST per m2, (excluding plywood) or from $64.00 + GST including plywood.  It is low maintenance and aftercare (once installed) can be soft washed or treated if required with commercially available moss and mould treatments (asphalt shingles should never be water blasted or treated with petroleum or spirit based cleaners).

A plywood substrate provides a strong base to prevent objects falling through and also acts as a bracing for the upper levels or roof structure (less framing required).  The combination of the plywood and asphalt shingles produces an acoustic advantage over metal roofing.  It is also a lightweight roofing system weighing 18-20 kg per m2 when laid on 15mm plywood.

South Pacific Shingles' asphalt shingles have been tested by Department of Building & Housing and have passed the necessary standards set down by the determination process.  Although process was undertaken specific to the building in question the determination included the testing of South Pacific Shingles' installation methods and as well as also testing the suitability of the product when used as an alternative solution.  See attached Determination result.  All South Pacific Shingles products are backed by the Products Manufacturers Warranties and are sourced from manufacturing plants in North America.

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