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COLORSTEEL Dridex for Drier, Healthier Internal Environments

Due to its lightweight properties, water vapour tends to find its way into the ceiling cavity, which is why the ceiling is often the first place mould can be found — a known trigger of asthma.

Traditional roofing underlays are required to be vapour permeable but can actually act as a significant barrier — leaving many Kiwis with the task of fighting household mould. HVAC units and dehumidifiers have historically been the common solution used in the struggle against mould.

An innovation in roofing, and now approved for use in wall cladding, COLORSTEEL Dridex holds the answer to helping to prevent mould growth. COLORSTEEL Dridex consists of a unique absorbent layer of fleece adhered to the reverse side of the COLORSTEEL sheet. The anti-condensation fleece helps to keep the roof dry by absorbing water and negating the need for traditional roofing underlay. When roof temperatures rise, the condensation evaporates, escaping out the roof cavity into the exterior environment.

The innovative features of COLORSTEEL Dridex have seen it recognised as a Sensitive Choice product by the National Asthma Council, giving homeowners reassurance, they have the right product for a drier, healthier home.

Positively, the Environmental Choice New Zealand Licence for COLORSTEEL enables Dridex to contribute to multiple points under the MAT-1 Material Credit within the Homestar rating tool. Under Green Star, Dridex has the potential to be awarded points for Credit 19B.2: Life Cycle Impacts - Steel, and Credit 21: Sustainable Products.

Recently warranted for use in certain wall cladding applications, Dridex now offers a clean, aesthetically pleasing finish for large commercial builds that frequently suffer from sags, rips, gaps or misalignment of underlay. The improved aesthetic, and speed of installation that COLORSTEEL Dridex provides, means it’s the perfect solution for commercial projects.

Available in all standard colours in the COLORSTEEL range, and offered in two grades, COLORSTEEL Dridex provides a valued and innovative cladding solution that helps to achieve healthy, sustainable and aesthetically appealing building structures.

Details on the properties of COLORSTEEL Dridex can be found on the COLORSTEEL website, EBOSS, ArchiPro and ProductSpec. For support with specification writing, Dridex is listed on both MasterSpec and SmartSpec.

For more information call 0800 697 833, email [email protected] or visit

View more information on COLORSTEEL, including contact details.
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