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ClearVue's Acrylic Sheeting Delivers Quality Shelter

Advances in acrylic formulation technology are providing home owners with the benefits traditional glass roofing brings – and some significant extras.

Typically, glass would be the installation option for anyone seeking to draw strong levels of natural lighting into a sheltered outdoor space, or wanting a transparent shelter system around pools or outdoor living areas.

However, age old issues with this include the weight of the glass installation, risk of breakage and inevitably the cost.

The lightweight nature of acrylic sheeting used in branded products like ClearVue Roofing has opened up roofing options to DIYers and builders who would normally rule out glass options.

Risks of breakage and damage at installation are far less, while support structures are also easily installed and are not required to withstand the weight the equivalent surface area of glass has.

While aiding ease of installation, on completion the aluminium framing for the acrylic roofing sheets also helps create a slim framed look, maximising light levels and aesthetics without compromising strength.

New Zealand’s environment is a tough one on any compound type products, but the high quality acrylic compounds used in the ClearVue products come with the security of a 15 year full replacement guarantee, and a promise the clarity and strength of the products are retained throughout their lifetime.

Alongside that comes peace of mind the ClearVue Roofing will ensure 99.9% of UV light is shielded out for the life of the product, providing many years of enjoyable, safe indoor-outdoor living regardless of the season.

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