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Cemintel Rigid Air Barrier Now BRANZ Appraised with Thermaflash

Cemintel Rigid Air Barrier is a BRANZ-appraised 6mm square edge fibre cement pre-cladding product designed to create a weathertight façade. Installing this product with Kingspan Thermakraft's Thermaflash and Premium Joining Tape — which have just been BRANZ appraised for use with Cemintel Rigid Air Barrier — ensures a trusted and weathertight BRANZ appraised pre-cladding system. 

Benefits of Cemintel Rigid Air Barrier: 

  • Sealed using Ceminseal© embedded micro waterblock technology, providing a durable sheet that will not rot, swell or warp when installed correctly
  • Protects against wind and rain allowing work on inside the building prior to cladding installation, for up to six months from installation
  • Suitable for all wind zones under NZS 3604, including Extra High
  • Appraisal No.1055 [2020]
  • Provides bracing for timber framed buildings within the scope of NZ3604 as per table below:
Minimum wall length (m)  Hold downs required  NZS 3604 Bracing rating:
Wind rating per length (BU/m) Earthquake rating per length (BU/m)
0.4 GIB® HandiBrac® 95 95
0.6 GIB® HandiBrac® 115 95
1.2 GIB® HandiBrac® 115 95
2.4 GIB® HandiBrac® 120 95

BRANZ appraised for use with the Cemintel Rigid Air Barrier System, Kingspan Thermakraft Premium Joining Tape and Thermaflash tapes offer a number of key benefits for your project: 

  • Thermakraft’s 75mm wide multi-layered reinforced synthetic Premium Joining Tape, is suitable for sheet joining of Rigid Air Barrier systems and when used in conjunction with Thermaflash is a cost-effective warranted system suitable for 180 days UV resistance.
  • Thermaflash is an ultra-thin (0.365mm) high adhesion window and door flashing system designed for assisting in the control of air and moisture into buildings and the protection of the framing material.

View the Cemintel Rigid Air Barrier System BRANZ Appraisal

View more information on Cemintel, including contact details.
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Cemintel Rigid Air Barrier Now BRANZ Appraised with Thermaflash
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