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Casali Eradix Root Barrier for Green Roofs and Planters

The Casali Eradix family of membranes comes from Casali’s research work on special chemical root-stop additives to attain products of absolute excellence for a wide range of project requirements including roof gardens, green roofs, flower beds, ground-laid structures; large and small surfaces.

The compound used in Casali Eradix contains distilled bitumen modified with polypropylene polymer and the Bayer additive Preventol B2 which makes the compound an efficient and uniform chemical root-stop barrier, even along the membrane joints. Thanks to the use of reinforcement with high/medium mass per unit area consisting of continuous non-woven polyester, Casali Eradix guarantees good mechanical performance for different types of stress (root pressure, weight of plants and soil, static loads, paths etc).

Top finish in natural slate chips disseminated uniformly and firmly anchored; smooth bottom finish in torched-off branded polythene sheets.

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