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The End of the Overflowing Wardrobe

Despite the best efforts of minimalists and professional organisers such as Marie Kondo, New Zealand wardrobes remain zones of overflow.

It’s not unusual to find wardrobes in spare bedrooms recruited to hold the clothes and footwear that homeowners wish to hold onto, but can’t seem to find space for in the master bedroom. Yet a smarter configuration of space within the main wardrobe could house all their most prized wearables without clutter and confusion.

SPACE TOWER was originally developed by Blum to provide efficient kitchen storage. However, the system’s inherent flexibility means it can be easily adapted to store clothing, footwear and other personal accessories within bedrooms.

The key lies in its ability to mix and match layers of drawers within a standardised upright unit. This makes the most of the available space in the vertical dimension.

So shoe collections can be stored on pull-out shelves rather than shoved into corners and piled on the floor. Belts, scarves, handbags and T-shirts can each have their own space within a logical grouping of SPACE TOWER drawers and shelves. If you wish to keep everyday items apart from clothes for special occasions — or rotate summer and winter wardrobes — it’s easy to achieve with a SPACE TOWER solution in the bedroom.

Blum believes the wardrobe is one of the most overlooked areas for storage optimisation within the home. This is because budgets are often under pressure by the time attention turns to the wardrobe.

But by making the most of SPACE TOWER, designers and their clients can create a wardrobe with ample space for clothing — plus the option to display any ‘collections’ — at a cost-effective price.

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