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Space Tower Extends Storage Design Options Beyond the Kitchen

Rising land costs and a growing awareness of interior design amongst consumers have focused attention on intelligently designed storage systems. This trend began in the kitchen, where Blum's Space Tower pantry has proved ideal for its practical features and ability to be customised.

The benefits of such a flexible storage solution are now being extended to other areas of the home — especially the laundry and wardrobes.

With Space Tower, designers can utilise the full width of the cabinet, thus maximising storage space. This is a function of the unique Blum hinge that takes up no internal space. Designers and homeowners who think in terms of making every centimetre earn its keep can easily see the benefit of a Space Tower storage solution.

Accessibility and ease of use are two further benefits of Space Tower. With pull-outs that are opened individually, the operating forces are light and low-stress. Combining these individual pull-outs with the Blum range of inner dividing systems makes it easy to organise the contents within.

Space Tower is flexible in height, width and depth, allowing designers to specify storage units that match each room's layout. The system is designed to work with Blum's Legrabox and Tandembox box systems, offering an additional level of design freedom to attain the desired look.

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