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Create Truly Handle-less Kitchens with SERVO-DRIVE and Built-in Appliances

The European trend for completely handle-free kitchens has taken root in New Zealand. Whereas local homeowners have traditionally seen the kitchen as a room containing assorted appliances and cabinets, many now aspire to an ergonomically designed space with unbroken surfaces, attractive veneers and clean lines.

The key to achieving this 100% handle-less look is Blum’s SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system.

SERVO-DRIVE is designed to work with the doors of all popular appliance brands. Its proven press-to-open technology makes it easy for users to operate in daily use. A built-in timer ensures automatic closing if the door is accidentally left ajar. The result is a kitchen where the fridge and freezer can be easily opened with a light push and left to close themselves.

Integrating handle-less design in this way enables the designer to deliver the minimalist aesthetic. Instead of appliance surfaces and handles alternating with cabinets, a timber, metal or stone veneer can be featured throughout the kitchen. In effect, the entire kitchen becomes a single language.

SERVO-DRIVE is practical to install as well as being easy on the eye. Flex set and unit quantity is based on the height of the door, with one power point per transformer. Proven in use throughout the world, this easy-to-use system is set to become a commonplace in New Zealand kitchens.

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