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Is it a Wall? Is it a Door? REVEGO Opens Up New Possibilities for Open-Plan Design

Today’s homes and offices need to work hard. With the rocketing cost of real estate, there’s no basis for expensive spaces that are rarely used. So, instead of an inflexible layout, people are looking to mix and match different zones for living, working, cooking, entertaining and relaxing.

The on-trend solution is a flexible open-plan design that can be used in multiple ways without sacrificing form or function. All that’s required is a system that’s substantial and sturdy yet easy to shift with a gentle press.

Introducing REVEGO — the key to flexible design.

REVEGO is a unique pocket door system for single-door and double-door applications whose fittings have been fully integrated into a fixed space. With easy planning and fast, efficient installation, it provides a one-stop solution for an elegant outcome.

REVEGO is perfect for situations where the user requires a fully functional home office, with the ability to close it off when guests arrive. Or a kitchen that can be open to view and filled with light, yet easily screened off to conceal appliances.

The secret lies in Blum’s TIP-ON motion technology. This enables users to open cabinet doors with a light press and hide them away in the pocket. To close off the space, the user simply presses the door to release it from the pocket and then pushes it closed again to elegantly conceal the entire area. When they are closed, the doors conceal the furniture units, including their pockets.

Ultra-simple to design, specify and assemble

When it comes to design, REVEGO offers plenty of room for manoeuvre. The single doors range from 450 to 900mm wide, and the double doors 900 to 1500mm wide. No matter what width or height your job is, REVEGO uno always requires a set pocket width of 100mm, and REVEGO duo is just 150mm, making planning and designing the brand-new pocket system simple.

REVEGO is pre-assembled in the factory, thanks to the pocket design, for easy and efficient on-site installation. Designers and clients will love the flexibility of REVEGO. Installers will love its ease of assembly and speedy turnaround. And everyone will love the way it looks.

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