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MERIVOBOX Drawers: Beautiful to Look At, and Beautifully Simple to Manufacture

Now you can offer a sleek and beautiful drawer solution with a huge range of design options. The best part? They’re supremely simple to manufacture.

That’s because MERIVOBOX has been designed as a platform that enables multiple drawer configurations without changing the fundamentals. Closed clip-on drawer sides, gallery, or a continuous metal sides design? You’ve got them all thanks to the same drilling, manufacturing, and assembly process throughout the entire MERIVOBOX range.

The same but different.

Blum has developed a unique L-shaped cabinet profile that works with all MERIVOBOX applications. It’s incredibly stable, even when fully laden. From the smallest kitchen drawer to the largest closet storage space, you can specify MERIVOBOX and be confident it’s up to the job.

The new cabinet profile delivers extremely smooth-running action coupled with the usual feather-light glide you’d expect from Blum. And because it has the same fixing position, there’s no need for different manufacturing processes and a large inventory of parts.

MERIVOBOX extends your options but simplifies your production.

Even in combination with motion technologies such as BLUMOTION, SERVO-DRIVE or TIP-ON BLUMOTION, the assembly always stays the same. The cabinet is always drilled the same way, and the manufacturer can decide which solution to install. This further simplifies processes and makes furniture manufacturing more efficient.

A smart addition to your repertoire.

MERIVOBOX complements the other double-walled box systems offered by Blum to meet the requirements of cabinet makers, designers, and homeowners. Each of the three box systems is characterised by a striking look and impressive functions.

LEGRABOX provides a high level of freedom in terms of design and customisation, while TANDEMBOX offers a clear range for efficient manufacturing. MERIVOBOX shows off its flexibility as a platform system with numerous options and minimalist aesthetics.

There’s no need to start from scratch when manufacturing because the current Blum machine remains the same. So if a manufacturer is already set up for TANDEMBOX or LEGRABOX on a Blum MINIPRESS, they can easily complement it with a MERIVOBOX option.

Highly efficient to assemble, install, and design, MERIVOBOX enables variety — and makes it easy!

Interested in MERIVOBOX? Get in touch with the Blum New Zealand team to learn more.

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