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How Autex Can Help Reduce Construction Waste

Reduce waste with GreenStuf

GreenStuf thermal and acoustic insulation is designed and cut to fit a wide range of applications so designers can choose the best product for installation and to help reduce construction waste. Custom sizes can also be made on request.

Autex manufactures GreenStuf under a zero-waste policy containing a minimum of 50% recycled P.E.T. to make sure they're creating a demand and a pathway for plastic recycling. At the end of its life, GreenStuf can be either reused or recycled again, continuing the recycling journey.

Autex is a responsible manufacturer that supports a circular economy. Autex offers a take-back programme to allow used uncontaminated GreenStuf insulation to be made into new product so that we can help close the loop and divert it from the landfill. Autex also encourages installers to return their GreenStuf packaging to Autex's take-back bin when collecting new product, which is then transformed by a third party into plastic mesh fencing and plastic batons.

To find out more about the Autex take-back programme, please get in touch with Autex.

How can design and construction business benefit from waste reduction?

It is a no-brainer that reducing construction waste is better for the environment, for example, less waste goes into landfills. But how can it also benefit design and construction businesses? By helping businesses meet construction waste requirements while also lowering construction costs and creating more business opportunities, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Meet construction waste requirements

Taking steps to reduce waste in construction projects will make it easier to comply with waste requirements as stated in The Building Act 2004. These include the efficient and sustainable use of materials and the reduction of waste during the construction process.

There is also the Waste Management Act 2008 levy which was introduced in an effort to reduce waste disposal by encouraging people to think about how they dispose of waste and incentivising them to avoid unnecessary waste. An expansion and increase on this levy are in discussion and likely to take place in early 2020.

Lower construction costs and create more business opportunities

Construction costs can be lowered by effectively ordering materials, reducing the amount of waste to be disposed of and improving the efficiency of staff and contractors. These construction cost savings can enable companies to offer their services at a lower price and help win more projects.

Actively reducing construction waste can also help a company stand out from competitors. As more New Zealand companies are becoming aware of the impact that waste can have on the environment, their public image and project costs, they are seeking to work with businesses who actively pursue reducing waste.

Autex is committed to working and engaging with customers to create better-built environments through delivering high-performing sustainable products. Get in touch with Autex today.

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