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Tackling Climate Change with Carbon Neutral Acoustics

Autex Acoustics believe that the building industry needs to take responsibility for the environmental impact of the built environment, with estimates showing approximately 20% of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions are directly and indirectly caused by buildings. Monitoring carbon emissions, and taking action to reduce or offset the embodied carbon of building materials, is one way to take responsibility as a manufacturer, which is why Autex Acoustics launched their Carbon Neutral Product Initiative in 2020.

Autex Acoustics’ Carbon Neutral Product Initiative assesses the carbon emissions generated by the supply, manufacture and delivery of products, and offsets them through the purchase of certified carbon credits. Using carbon data calculated by independent experts, the company invests in third-party certified carbon credits generated by the Clean Development Mechanism. This enables Autex Acoustics to financially support a variety of climate change projects, and contribute to the reduction and removal of emissions now, while continuing to develop sustainable business practices that will reduce their carbon emissions in the future.

The initiative also enables Autex Acoustics to work directly with customers to lower the environmental impact of their projects. Their team works on a project-by-project basis to identify the carbon footprint and neutralise the impact through the acquisition of credits. Certificates of carbon neutrality are then generated to verify the project’s green credentials.

The New Zealand building industry can no longer afford to ignore the impact it has on the environment, which is why Autex Acoustics hopes to encourage others in the industry to take the same steps towards reducing their carbon emissions. Contact Autex Acoustics today to learn more about their Carbon Neutral Product Initiative.

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