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Acoustic Solutions for Multi-Storey Residential Buildings

With proximity to bustling inner-city life, and amenities such as gyms, cafés, and pools, the idea of apartment living is increasingly attractive. A major downside, however, is sharing a wall with the neighbours. While one tenant's evening may look like curling up with a good book and hitting the pillow at 9pm, the neighbour's schedule might include wearing in a new pair of boots and listening to heavy metal. Luckily, with Autex GreenStuf Sound Solution IT, neighbours can happily coexist.

Inter-tenancy walls need a high level of acoustic separation to support a comfortable, ambient environment. The minimum standard for multi-storey residential buildings is Sound Transmission Class (STC) 55, which basically means that if the walls are correctly insulated they will stop approximately 55 decibels from travelling through. Therefore, if someone is listening to music in the next room at 90dB, the neighbouring room will measure approximately 35dB — similar to the sound generated by a whisper. GreenStuf Sound Solution IT is designed specifically to meet the strict guidelines for density and airflow resistance that enable the wall to perform above the minimum requirements for acoustic insulation*.

GreenStuf Sound Solution IT is a sustainable, 100% polyester insulation that is pre-cut to fit standard timber-framed walls and mid-floor joists. Safe to touch, GreenStuf Sound Solution is easy to install and naturally resistant to insects and vermin — the perfect acoustic insulation for multi-storey residential buildings.

Autex is committed to working with customers to create better-built environments through delivering high-performing sustainable products. Get in touch with Autex today to specify GreenStuf Sound Solution IT for upcoming projects.

*For further information refer to the GreenStuf GIB Noise Control Systems document.

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