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Installing Wet-Area Flooring in Aged-Care Facilities

To meet the specific needs of an aged care facility requires a very particular type of product, and vinyl floor coverings are the popular choice for use in bathrooms and wet areas of retirement villages and rest homes.

Using vinyl in such locations (rather than tiles or timber) has numerous benefits. For one, vinyl is impermeable and welded at seams, creating a continuous, sealed surface which is impossible for dirt or bacteria to penetrate. Being a smooth, seamless surface, vinyl is far easier to clean, as well as being resistant to most chemicals. Unlike tiles or concrete, vinyl is both shock absorbent and non-slip — two necessities for flooring in healthcare facilities.

Additionally, vinyl is extremely hard-wearing and can withstand heavy traffic and mechanical wear. This then brings the issue of which underlying flooring system will be suitable for such requirements — particularly which is the most suitable vinyl adhesive.

When using vinyl in the bathrooms of aged care facilities, it is vital that the correct adhesive is used. For example, if a water-based vinyl adhesive is used, should water leak underneath the vinyl, the adhesive may emulsify and lose all adhesion. Water-based adhesives are also generally not recommended for heavy-duty use.

Moving to a two-part system, or perhaps to a solvent-based adhesive also has issues. The former requires a great amount of labour, and the latter creates issues of being safe to use in such a critical facility.

An ideal solution for adhering vinyl or vinyl tiles in the wet or heavy-duty areas of an aged care facility is the silicone-based ARDEX AF 180 MS. The single-component, heavy-duty adhesive provides all of the benefits of a two-component adhesive in one. It is water-resistant with very high bond strength and high resistance to traffic and heat. ARDEX AF 180 MS is also solvent-free and low in VOC tested in line with Green Star requirements — perfect for use in sensitive environments.

Combined with a whole system of floor preparation and repair products, ARDEX New Zealand can provide the ideal solution for any type of flooring requirement.

For more information on ARDEX Flooring Solutions, contact ARDEX.

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