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ARDEX UD 150: A New Alternative to Tile Jack Systems

A Revolution in External Tiling

ARDEX UD 150 is an undertile drainage mat that is unbonded and decouples the external tiled finish from the waterproofing layer, and allows the free movement of water underneath the tiled surface. This effectively eliminates unsightly efflorescence, and the need for (and requirements of) a tile jack system. ARDEX UD 150 combines the best features of a direct-fixed tile system with the consistency and ease of access of a tile jack system.

Accessible Waterproofing Layer

A requirement of many territorial authorities is that an external waterproofing layer must not be directly adhered to and also needs to be inherently accessible. By being loose-laid over the waterproofing membrane, ARDEX UD 150 decouples the tiled surface from the waterproofing, and allows it to be accessible.

Reduced Efflorescence

The unsightly inevitability of external tiled systems. Efflorescence on a tiled deck is caused by the migration of evaporating water through the grout joins between tiles. As the water migrates upwards, it brings with it salts which crystallise on the surface of the tile. ARDEX UD 150 allows the effective drainage of water down through the grout joint, and out underneath the tiled surface. As the water drains away horizontally there is less time for it to evaporate and migrate upward through the grout join.

Fully Adhered Tiling System

With a deck jack system there are certain restrictions within the installation that limit the design possibilities of the tiled area. For example, the type of tile is heavily regulated, and also there is no possibility of grout joint between tiles. Being a fully adhered system, ARDEX UD 150 allows many more thicknesses, sizes and types of tiles to be adhered, and also allows a coloured grout to accent the tile.

Increased Design Possibilities

ARDEX UD 150 can be combined with many other elements in order to aid the specific requirements of projects. Do the clients want an external deck without the full threshold? ARDEX UD 150 allows the installation of a grate at the door threshold that allows the passage down through the grate and out to the waste. Does a large external area need to be tiled? ARDEX UD 150 can be cut into any shape necessary.

To learn more, or for a presentation on ARDEX Tiling Solutions contact ARDEX.

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