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New Solution for Drainage on Skillion Membrane Roofs

The situation:

Skillion Roofs are defined as having the ceiling and roof running parallel, often with a gap of 300mm or less between. When terminated onto a parapet or similar, designing-in drainage from the lowest point can become a challenge due to limited space. Architects and engineers require more specialised solutions that don’t compromise the waterproofing integrity of their projects.

The existing solutions:

Commonly available existing solutions have often not been designed to address these very tight spaces and are typically under‐engineered.

Aquaknight's design‐led solution:

The design brief for the RDSE80 was quite clear:

  • Reduce the installed height to a minimum
  • Incorporate all the critical success features of New Zealand’s most specified Roof Drain, the Aquaknight RD100

With an overall installed height of just 102mm from membrane, RDSE80 leaves generous space to run horizontal DWV80 pipework within a skillion roof cavity.

The design and manufacturing integrity of all Aquaknight products includes extensive trials in their on‐site FlowLab* testing facility. The test environment allows them to chart peak-to-minimum flow rates, optimising outlet geometry for maximum efficiency.

The validation:

Firstly, Hydraulics Engineers are calling for precise, credible data to ensure compliance with the NZ building code. And for the first time, they have the rigour of Aquaknight's calibrated facility’s test‐data to incorporate into their calculations. This in turn of course, eases the pathway to compliance with Council.

Released in 2016, there are thousands of installations throughout New Zealand, and the RDSE80 is now being specified by New Zealand’s leading waterproofing membrane suppliers as part of their system.

For specification details of the RDSE80, including flow rate test results, simply visit the Aquaknight website

*FlowLab is the only calibrated flow‐testing facility in NZ and provides precise test data.

View more information on Aquaknight, including contact details.
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