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Ecrete: Paving the Way for Low Carbon Design

As climate change continues to shape global priorities, the construction industry in Aotearoa New Zealand faces an imperative task: to revolutionise traditional building methods to embrace low carbon designs. Allied Concrete’s innovative solution, Ecrete, emerges as a beacon of sustainable building, answering the urgent call for environmentally responsible materials.

What is Ecrete?

Ecrete is not just another concrete mix; it is a visionary leap towards sustainable construction. By harnessing the power of Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs), such as GGBS and Fly Ash, a significant portion of Portland cement is replaced. The outcome? A staggering reduction in embodied carbon by up to 75%, without compromising on strength and durability.

Design with Ecrete: The low carbon solution

Waste prevention and recycling: The novel use of SCMs like GGBS, a byproduct of steel production, demonstrates a firm commitment to waste prevention and recycling. By repurposing these materials, Ecrete not only minimises waste but also maintains the same high quality as traditional concrete.

Tailored to your needs: Recognising the diverse requirements of every project, Allied Concrete presents Ecrete Plus. This bespoke mix, tailored by their adept technical team, offers the possibility of reducing CO₂ beyond 50%, striking the right balance between strength, flowability, and finishing.

Green building certifications: Seeking green building certifications? Ecrete can be your edge. From Green Star to Homestar and Greenroads, incorporating Ecrete can significantly bolster your project's credits, emphasising your commitment to sustainable building practices.

Features and benefits:


  • Easy application and placement
  • Perfect for pumping
  • Ideal for aggressive ground conditions
  • Confirmed reduction in embodied carbon
  • Recognised by Green Star, Homestar, and Greenroads


  • Enhanced durability translates to an extended service life and minimal maintenance
  • Reduced heat generation diminishes thermal cracking and betters concrete's durability
  • Lowered permeability minimises risks of corrosion and water or chemical damage

Setting the benchmark: The environmental product declaration (EPD)

Allied Concrete's dedication to sustainability isn't just in words; it's etched in their actions. Proudly being the first in Australasia to achieve an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), Allied Concrete sets an unparalleled standard in transparent and measurable environmental practices.

The EPD offers tangible data on Allied Concrete products' environmental impact throughout their lifecycle, guiding them in making informed decisions. Whether it's about waste management, resource allocation, energy choices, or production practices, Allied Concrete remain unwavering in their pledge to sustainability.

In the age of low carbon designs, Ecrete offers architects the opportunity to not only meet but exceed environmental standards. Embracing Ecrete is not just a choice — it's a statement. It's a pledge to the future, a commitment to the environment, and a nod to generations to come. With Allied Concrete and Ecrete, build not just structures, but legacies of sustainability.

Find out more about Ecrete here

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