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Bridging Affordability and Sustainability with Allied Concrete

In the evolving construction landscape, achieving affordable housing is a pressing challenge requiring innovative solutions. Allied Concrete, a leading player in the sector, pioneers foundation solutions that balance affordability and sustainability. Their flagship product, SuperSlab+, and sustainable initiatives like Ecrete, revolutionise affordable housing construction.

SuperSlab+: Efficient and reliable foundation

SuperSlab+ represents a groundbreaking foundation system renowned for efficiency and durability. Awarded the CodeMark Certification, it ensures compliance with the New Zealand Building Code, instilling confidence in architects, builders, and homeowners.

Strategic collaboration

Allied Concrete collaborate closely with industry stakeholders to tailor solutions for affordable housing projects. Partnering with architects, engineers, contractors, and government bodies, they optimise construction processes, lowering project costs while ensuring innovative foundation solutions like SuperSlab+.

Quality assurance

Allied Concrete's CodeMark Certification and BRANZ Appraisal signify quality and compliance, assuring clients of safety, durability, and adherence to stringent standards in New Zealand. It's a reassurance that their products are safe, durable, and compliant with the highest building standards.

Pioneering sustainability with Ecrete

Ecrete, Allied Concrete's low-carbon concrete, leads their sustainable offerings, significantly reducing construction-related carbon footprints without compromising performance. Ideal for various applications, Ecrete supports the global shift toward sustainable building practices, meeting consumer demands for greener living spaces.

Environmental responsibility

Allied Concrete's Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) provide transparency about their products' life-cycle environmental impacts, furthering their commitment to sustainability and industry leadership. The EPD provides transparent, verified information about the life-cycle environmental impact of Allied Concrete's products, including Ecrete. This initiative underscores Allied Concrete's commitment to delivering high-quality, sustainable products and leading the way in environmental responsibility within the construction industry.

Affordable housing: A right, not a privilege

Affordable housing is more than just a necessity; it's a right. Allied Concrete understand the complexities of modern construction and the pressing need for affordable, sustainable housing solutions. Their innovative foundation solution, SuperSlab+, and their commitment to sustainable practices, particularly through the development and use of Ecrete, underscore their commitment to quality, reliability, and environmental stewardship. With their expertise and collaborative approach, Allied Concrete are proud to contribute to developing affordable housing that doesn't compromise quality or sustainability. Together, let's build the foundation of tomorrow.

For more on innovative solutions for affordable housing, including using Ecrete, visit the Allied Concrete website or contact the Allied Concrete team. Let Allied Concrete partner with you in your next construction project to achieve the perfect balance of affordability, sustainability, and excellence.

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