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Debunking the Myths: The Bentonite Edition

With over 1,800,000m² of membrane installed in New Zealand in the last 17 years, Volclay can rightly be seen as one of New Zealand’s most successful tanking products. Volclay has been used across a wide range of projects ranging from small residential homes, right through to some of the largest and most complex construction projects. Even with such a long track record of successful projects, there are some enduring myths about Bentonite that Allco would like to clear up once and for all. Allco would like to break down of some of the biggest misconceptions about Volclay Bentonite.

First up, to clarify one point; not all bentonite products are equal.

The properties of sodium bentonite can be appreciably enhanced through a specialised treatment process patented by Volclay's parent company (AMCOL International) since 1964. The treatment process involves the application of chemical additives to specially selected and processed sodium bentonite. These additives work both individually and synergistically to render the bentonite more resistant to attack by chemical and salt water contaminants. Various formulations of the additives in this treatment process have been incorporated into Volclay's sodium bentonite waterproofing membranes (including Voltex DS/SWR).

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