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Volclay Voltex Specified to Overcome Tough Waterproofing Conditions

Sitting on the Lake Wanaka waterfront with stunning views of the Southern Alps, The Marina Terrace Apartments consists of 50 apartments across nine buildings, including a private gym and an indoor swimming pool.

The stunning location and project had some real challenges due to the high-water tables and natural water courses running through the site. Substantial dewatering and water table control had to be implemented to stabilize the site.

The close proximity to neighbouring residential properties also required careful consideration relative to both noise and vibration and having the pristine clear lake Wanaka close at hand meant effective water and sediment control was also crucial.

Allco's Solutions

The continuous hydrostatic pressure of the location determined that Volclay Voltex was used under foundations, slab, and pre-installed onto precast panels offsite. Waterstop RX expanding strip was used to stop water infiltration on all cold joints, slabs, and walls including pipe penetrations on the gym and the indoor pool. Allco Aquadrain 15x was used over Voltex membranes on the precast panels to collect and transport water away, as well as providing membrane protection.

According to Andrew Bull from Watertight Systems, no other product could perform as well as Volclay on site like this.

“One greatest feature of Volclay is that it can be applied to wet surfaces," says Andrew. "Timing was everything on this project with the application from all sub-contractors being fast paced, we always had to make constant calls on the weather. This is a challenging site, on the Cardrona Aquifer, so many pumps were used to keep the site as dry as possible during installation."

In challenging projects communication and support is the key to success. Dominion Construction and Watertight Systems stayed in close contact while the Allco Technical Team provided ongoing support through the waterproofing installation. “Watertight Systems were good installers, and we enjoyed the process of working with them. They’re a great bunch of people,” say Dominion Construction.

Ultimately the Allco Volclay solution and smart collaboration between Watertight Systems, Dominion Construction and the Allco team resulted in a fantastic result for this challenging project.

Allco’s TA Team provides onsite expertise and detailing to find the perfect solution for every project. Allco provides a comprehensive service from design through to construction throughout New Zealand across projects of all shapes and sizes.

To learn more about Allco’s products or get assistance with a project, specification or compliance please get in touch with the Allco team on 09 4481185 or email [email protected]

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