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20 October 2016

Achieving Light Transmission without Heat


The provision of a protected or covered transition between interior and exterior spaces is now essentially de rigueur for new build or renovation projects.

Whilst trying to achieve the desired level of light transmission, often a downside is the corresponding increase in solar transmission value. Traditionally these two things are tied by an unfavourable ratio which may impact the architects' vision and the clients' enjoyment of the space. Sitting outside protected from the sun under a clear canopy is a wonderful thing, but short lived if the temperature makes the experience unbearable. How often have you moved seats in a café or outside restaurant space because you and your beautifully cooked medium rare steak are both danger of becoming well done by the sun beating down?

The technology behind the new PSP ClearVue panel options defies the expected transmission values of solar energy in standard clear or tinted panels. Cool Tech panels admit more natural daylight while reflecting infrared radiation that creates heat outwards. This characteristic breaks the traditional link between shading co-efficient and light transmission, allowing a different perspective on the specification of natural light in architectural design.

Harnessing Near-Infrared Selectivity, which is the ratio of transmitted natural daylight and infrared energy, is the key to the efficiency of Cool Tech in transmitting cool light.

The Cool Tech range of panels can be utilised within the scope and as part of the PSP ClearVue Roofing System or as a component of a designed roofing solution. Different colours and levels of Solar Transmission are available in sheet thickness of 4 — 12mm. Cool Tech panels are suitable for all commercial and residential applications, with a Group 1-S fire rating under the NZBC C3.4 surface finishes.

Contact Vaughan Brown at PSP Limited for more information on the best option for your next Translucent Roofing Project.

Image: Palmers Planet Albany featuring 10mm Cool Tech Panel – colour Solar Olympic

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