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Vantage Residential Glass Blocks

A window frame for 80mm thick glass blocks is offered. This can be fixed directly into a wall or can be coupled with adjoining window and door frames.

A range of glass block patterns is available. The system has 90° and 135° corner posts to enable the construction of box and bay windows.

Scope of Use
  • Suitable for residential applications in a wide range of environments
  • Compatible with adjoining residential windows and doors through the use of a coupling bar
  • Corner posts are available (90° and 135°) for box and bay windows
Limitations on Use
  • Able to resist an ultimate wind pressure of 4kPa for reinforced spans up to 2.86m in length, and 2kPa for spans between 2.86m and 3.5m
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • Designed, tested and manufactured to meet NZS 4211: Performance of Windows, and NZS 4233: Glazing in Buildings, Parts 1-4
  • Designed and tested to conform to NZ Building Code, including Clause E2
  • Tested to the German DIN Standards for static load, pendulum impact and wind face loads
  • Tested by BRANZ for seismic racking, pendulum impact and wind face loads (BRANZ Appraisal certificate 192 (1990)
In-Service History
  • Extensively used in residential projects throughout New Zealand for more than 30 years
  • Used by homeowners, builders, Group home companies and specifiers
Other Performance Attributes
  • Window and door warranty provided under normal conditions of use against failure of materials and workmanship for a period of five years
  • Surface finish is covered by a separate performance warranty dependent on the actual finish selected
  • A hardware/componentry warranty is offered against defects in manufacturing, functionality and surface finish for a period of five years, provided care and maintenance guidelines have been followed
Product Assurance
Data Sheet
Producer Statement
Other Literature
APL and Sustainability 2017
Manufacturer Contact List
Specifier Guide
Vantage Brochure
Vantage Care & Maintenance Brochure 2017
WANZ Guide to E2/AS1
CAD/PDF Details
Full Set of Drawings
Vantage Residential Glass Blocks 80mm Block System


Vantage Residential Glass Block Coupling 80mm Block System


Vantage Windows & Doors supplies modern aluminium profiles as one of the national brands of APL Window Solutions, New Zealand’s largest window systems company.

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