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DuPont Tyvek Pro Roof and Wall Underlay

DuPont Tyvek Pro is recommended for use as a shelf supporting (R2), breathable, fire retardant, synthetic roof underlay on roof pitches greater than 3°, and also as a wall wrap.

Tyvek Pro is made by laminating spunbonded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to a non-woven Polypropylene sheet, providing a strong, weather resistant barrier with excellent vapour permeability.

Tyvek Pro is suitable for the following roof applications:

  • Fixing on all cladding types including concrete and clay tiles, profiled metal and pressed metal tiles except for membrane roofs
  • Building wind zones up to and including Extra High
Key Features

Suitable for the following applications where roof design, ventilation and climate conditions are considered;

  • Residential roofing under profiled metal cladding, metal tiles, concrete tiles, clay tiles and asphalt shingles over steel or timber framing
  • Residential wall applications under direct fixed absorbent and non-absorbent claddings
  • Residential wall applications under wall cavity with absorbent and non-absorbent claddings
  • Commercial roofing under profiled metal cladding, metal tiles, concrete tiles, clay tiles and asphalt shingles over steel or timber framing
  • Commercial wall applications on direct fixed absorbent and non-absorbent claddings
  • Commercial wall applications over wall cavity with absorbent and non-absorbent claddings
  • Shed and farm buildings under profiled metal roof and wall cladding direct fixed over timber or steel frames.
Scope of Use

DuPont Tyvek Pro is designed for temporary weather protection during construction and as a secondary weather barrier in service. 

Suitable for use under dark coloured roofs without support in horizontal installed applications above 3° and vertical applications above 10° roof pitches.

DuPont Tyvek Supro shall be installed in accordance with New Zealand Building Code Compliance Document E2/AS1, NZMRM Roofing Code of Practice.

  • Shingle lapped minimum 150mm when laid horizontally for roof pitches above 3°
  • Supported when laid vertically between 3° and 10° roof pitches or unsupported above 10°
  • Installed as to ensure water sheds to gutter
  • Laid continuously or lapped 150mm over framing — there is no limit on the length of run
  • Supported at purlin/rafter spans greater than 1200mm 
  • Secured adequately with galvanised or stainless-steel staples, clouts or purlin screws at maximum 600mm centres
  • Always laid with grey printed surface facing outwards and pulled taut under the cladding to prevent ponding of condensation
  • Taped along seams with DuPont Tyvek tape when run vertically at roof pitches between 3° and 10°. Alternatively use DuPont Tyvek Supro Plus
  • Were installed as an air barrier, tape/seal overlaps, end laps, discontinuities and penetrations
  • Sealed around penetrations to prevent water ingress into the roof or wall cavity
  • Use DuPont Tyvek tape to repair if ripped or torn
  • Discontinuous over the ridge where allowance for ridge venting is required
  • Not permitted to be exposed to the elements after final cladding
  • Finished 20-25mm beyond the valley or gutter edge, ensuring draining to the envelope exterior
  • Installed over gutter-flashing where there is likelihood of water ingress beyond gutter into the wall cavity

Wall Underlay:

  • DuPont Tyvek Pro Plus is suitable for use behind absorbent and non-absorbent wall cladding, direct fixed or with vented cavity.

Treated Timber:

  • If installed over LOSP treated timber, ensure that timber is dry and solvent free.

Condensation Management:

  • Ensure that the building envelope design and construction adhere to sound condensation management principles, minimising moisture ingress and maximising drying capabilities of wall and roof cavities. See AS 4200.2:2017 Appendix C, NZ Metal Roof and Cladding Code of Practice or ABCB Condensation in Buildings Handbook.
Limitations on Use

DuPont Tyvek Pro must not be:

  • Used as a vapour barrier
  • Installed horizontally on purlins spacings greater than 1350mm for 150mm laps
  • Installed on roofs pitches less than 3°

Do not expose the roof underlay for longer than necessary and no more than 120 days. 

Store DuPont Tyvek Proiout of direct sunlight, in a clean dry environment, sheltered from the weather.

Do not install DuPont Tyvek Pro under translucent cladding or skylights.

NZS 3604 Wind Zone Specific Design suitable
Specific Design Wind Zone
NZS 3604 Wind Zone Very High suitable
Very High Wind Zone
Statement of Building Code Compliance

DuPont Tyvek Pro, when installed in accordance with the recommended guidelines will meet or contribute to meet the following provisions of NZBC:

  • NZBC Clause B2: Durability. Meets the requirement of NZBC B2/AS1 Table 1 (Building Wraps/ Roof Underlay).
  • NZBC Clauses E2: External Moisture. Contributes to meet these requirements for the use as a roof underlay and air barrier
  • NZBC Clause F2: Hazardous Building Materials. Meets this requirement and will not present a health hazard to people according to F2.3.1

DuPont Tyvek Pro is an Alternative Solution to NZBC E2/ AS1

In-Service History
  • Installed on roofs in Europe for the past 10 years, newly introduce to New Zealand
  • Backed by a DuPont warranty
Other Performance Attributes


  • DuPont Tyvek Supro/Supro Plush as a flammability index of less than 5 according to AS1530.2 and meets the requirements of NZS2295:2006 Amd.
B2 Durability compliant
C Protection from Fire compliant
Protection from Fire
E2 External Moisture compliant
External Moisture
E3 Internal Moisture compliant
Internal Moisture
F2 Hazardous Building Materials compliant
Hazardous Building Materials
H1 Energy Efficiency compliant
Energy Efficiency
Material Safety Data Sheet
CodeMark Certificate
Environmental Information (EPD)
DuPont Tyvek Product Portfolio
Tyvek Product Guide

Tyvek building envelope solutions help make buildings more durable, comfortable, and energy efficient, and are now distributed by Pink Batts insulation in New Zealand.

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