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Ceiling and Wall Systems — Seismic

Rondo's Seismic Wall and Ceiling Systems are designed to cover the Rondo Steel Stud Drywall Framing System, as well as DUO and KEY-LOCK Ceiling Systems. Every component has been tried and tested at Rondo and at an independent laboratory in New Zealand by our Seismic research team.

The Rondo Steel Stud Seismic Wall System is designed to allow movement along the wall and provide flexibility at wall junctions due to deflection occurring from a seismic event. To allow movement along the stud wall, Rondo has developed the Seismic Slotted Deflection Head Track. The head track fixing slots allow movement of the wall, therefore providing articulation of the wall panel, and preventing cracking at the wall junctions.

Two primary mechanisms are use to restrain ceilings for lateral seismic loads. Firstly, fixing ceilings at the perimeter to walls or bulkheads, secondly bracing in the plenum space to the structure above, i.e from slab soffits or steel framing that supports the ceiling. 

Key Features
  • Complete wall and ceiling seismic system solution
  • Strong enough to resist lateral forces during an earthquake
  • Will limit the structural damage of the systems
  • Accommodates differential movements resulting from inter-storey movements
  • Prevent tiles and lining boards from dislodging and blocking evacuation paths
  • Will support critical services after an earthquake
  • Protects the safety of all building occupants
Scope of Use

Rondo engineers offer seismic wall and ceiling designs tailored to a project's seismic requirements.

Seismic solutions are available for the following systems:

  • Rondo KEY-LOCK Concealed Suspended Ceiling System
  • Rondo DUO Exposed Grid Ceiling System
  • Rondo Steel Stud and Track Drywall Framing System

Fixing ceilings at the perimeter to walls or bulkheads is typically used for smaller ceilings and lower seismic loads.

Bracing in the plenum is typically used for larger ceilings and higher seismic loads.

Statement of Building Code Compliance

Seismic designs for ceilings and wall systems have been prepared in accordance with the following standards:

  • AS/NZS 2785:2000: Suspended Ceilings — Design and Installation
  • AS/NZS 1170.0:2002: Structural Design Actions — Part 0: General Principles
  • NZS 1170.5: Structural Design Actions — Part 5: Earthquake actions — New Zealand
  • AS 1170.4:2007: Structural Design Actions — Part 4: Earthquake actions in Australia
  • AS/NZS 4600:2005: Cold-formed steel structures

The Rondo seismic systems will perform to the requirements of these standards when installed by an approved fixer in accordance with the recommendations contained in the Rondo Seismic manual, and other relevant manuals.

In-Service History

Rondo's Seismic Systems have recently been supplied to:

  • New Royal Adelaide Hospital in South Australia
  • Clyde Quay Wharf in Wellington
  • New Children’s Hospital in Perth

Other completed seismic projects include:

  • South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute — Duo Seismic Ceiling System
  • Taranaki Base Hospital — internal wall framing system
  • Lambton Square — bracing required over numerous levels and varying planes
  • Kilmore St Medical Centre — seismic designs for walls and ceilings
Other Performance Attributes

Rondo has embarked on a seismic testing program which consists of component testing at Rondo's Head Office, followed by full scale testing at an independent laboratory in New Zealand.

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