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HS Series Solar

The HS Series is a solar water heating package intended for use in commercial or industrial applications. It can be integrated into an existing installation to provide solar pre-heating for energy cost reduction, used in the replacement of existing equipment or used in new installations.

The HS Series provides superior benefits to conventional solar water heaters including ultimate frost and over-temperature protection by way of its unique drain back function.

The system comprises a quantity of Rheem's proven high performance solar collectors, connected to a central heat store located at a lower level, which serves as the energy source to instantaneously heat the fresh potable water supply on demand, via a highly efficient delivery skid.

Key Features
  • Split solar system employing drain back technology 
  • BT collector provides high efficiency 
  • 1,000 to 5,000 litre capacity 
  • In-tank or in-series boost
  • Fully frost protected
  • Automatic drain back feature — Freezing and over temperature protection
  • Hygienically clean hot water
  • Accurate temperature regulation


Scope of Use
  • Collectors should ideally face due north — a system installed with the collectors facing as far as north-east and north-west will experience an approximate 5% drop in operating efficiency
Limitations on Use
  • Collectors should be inclined at approximately the latitude angle, however, 15° either way is acceptable, but not less than 10° from the horizontal
  • For flat roof installations, Rheem can supply variable pitch frames suitable for either one or two collectors with pre-set pitch angles of 15°, 20° and 25°
  • Metallic flow and return lines only must be used between the solar storage tanks and the collectors
Installation and Operation
Brochure: Commercial Solar Solutions
Commercial and Industrial Hot Water Solutions Brochure
Additional Information

Rheem provides reliable, efficient water heating and now also the latest in Solar PV heating.

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