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Gas Continuous Flow Water Heaters

Working differently from traditional storage water heaters, gas continuous flow water heaters only heat water on demand rather than heating and storing water until needed. 

Appliances can be conveniently mounted to, or recessed into, an exterior wall, taking up less space. They are ideal for homes with high peak loads or when hot water is required occasionally such as at a holiday home.

Key Features
  • Digital display for easy fault diagnosis and service
  • 6 star energy rating
  • Flamesafe overheat protection
  • Frost protected down to –20°C
  • Rheem EZ Link compatible to link two units for increased delivery
  • Water temperature is either pre-set on the appliance or is adjustable with the EZiSET app and control module or with optional remote temperature controllers installed indoors
  • Natural Gas or ULPG models

Available in the following model configurations:

  • CFGWH 874816NFZ | 1-3 people | Outdoor Installation | Natural Gas
  • CFGWH 874816LFZ | 1-3 people | Outdoor Installation | ULPG
  • CFGWH 874820NFZ | 2-4 people | Outdoor Installation | Natural Gas
  • CFGWH 874820LFZ | 2-4 people | Outdoor Installation | ULPG
  • CFGWH 874826NFZ | 4-6 people | Outdoor Installation | Natural Gas
  • CFGWH 874826LFZ | 4-6 people | Outdoor Installation | ULPG
  • CFGWH 874627NFZ | 4-6 people | Outdoor Installation | Natural Gas
  • CFGWH 874627LFZ | 4-6 people | Outdoor Installation | ULPG
  • CFGWH 864627NFZ | 4-6 people | Indoor Installation | Natural Gas
  • CFGWH 864627LFZ | 4-6 people | Indoor Installation | ULPG
Energy Star
Energy Star
Scope of Use
  • Most commonly used in domestic dwellings

For increased delivery, two units can be linked together using the Rheem EZ Linksystem to supply twice the flow.

  • Where there is a high demand for water
  • In colder areas where ambient water temperature is low


Limitations on Use
  • Choose correct model to suit either indoor or outdoor installation
  • Gas, water and power are required to operate a Gas Continuous Flow Water Heater
  • Indoor models must be installed using a certified Rheem flue system. Always check with local authorities that the installation complies with all regulations applicable in that area.
Other Performance Attributes
  • 6 star energy rating


  • Domestic Warranty: Parts (Parts/Labour): 3 year
  • Domestic Warranty: Heat Exchanger (Parts/Labour): 10/3 year
  • Non-Domestic Warranty: Parts (Parts/Labour): 1 year
  • Non-Domestic Warranty: Heat Exchanger (Parts/Labour): 1 year


Data Sheet
Supplier Declaration of Conformity
Installation Instructions & Owner's Guide (8646 Series: Indoor)
Installation Instructions & Owner's Guide (8748, 8746 Series: Outdoor)
Brochure: Hot Water For Your Home
Additional Information

Rheem provides reliable, efficient water heating and now also the latest in Solar PV heating.

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