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Hyne 17C Beams

The strongest softwood glue-laminated beam available. I-Built Hyne Beam 17C is suited to a variety of structural applications. Its strength means it's particularly useful for high-load, long-span applications where performance is critical. Hyne Beam 17C is commonly used as lintels, bearers, roof beams, rafters, curves, columns and portal frames.

Hyne 17C Beams are available in 85mm and 130mm widths, and from 190mm deep up to 525mm deep. Custom depths and widths are also available on special order.

Key Features
  • Dimensional stability
  • The ability to have long spans
  • Available up to 11.4m long
  • Strongest softwood glulam beam available (E16.7 Mpa)
  • EWPAA certified
  • PEFC Chain of Custody
Scope of Use
  • Hyne 17C Beams are suitable for internal use only
  • Hyne Beams are treated to H3.1 (LOSP) as standard
  • Hyne Beam 17C is commonly used as lintels, bearers, roof beams, rafters, curves, columns and portal frames
Limitations on Use
  • Hyne 17C Beams should not be used in weather-exposed situations
Statement of Building Code Compliance

HYNE BEAM 17 products are high grade glued-laminated timber beams formed from Australian pine.

  • All components are assembled using only durable, exterior grade adhesives that comply with Service Class 3 as per AS/NZS 4364-2010
  • The beams are specified as cambered (C) to 600 m radius
  • HYNE 17C is available in two grades in accordance with AS/NZS1328.1-1998. STR – Structural Grade/Appearance C and SEL –Select Grade/Appearance A
  • HYNE 17C is available treated to H3.1
  • Third party certified through the Glue Laminated Timber Association of Australia (GLTAA)
  • Hyne Timber’s Glue Laminated Timber (GLT) has been independently certified by Bureau Veritas, a JAS-ANZ accredited third-party Certification Body, under their ‘S’ Mark Product Certification Scheme.  The ‘S’ Mark is an Australasian stamp of assurance, confirming to the design and construction industry that Hyne Timber’s GLT is audited and certified to the applicable Standard ‘AS/NZS 1328.1:1998, Glue Laminated Structural Timber.’
Other Performance Attributes
  • HYNE produce a range of Glued-laminated products (Glulam)
  • Glulam products are produced by finger jointing and gluing shorter and small cross section timber together to make a larger cross section final product 
  • All HYNE Glued-laminated products are produced at the Maryborough Glulam plant (Australia) and are manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 1328.1-1998
  • The site operates an AS4707-2006 Chain of Custody compliant management system that covers all laminated products produced at the site as well as holding ISO9001-2006 accreditation for its manufacturing systems
B1 Structure compliant
B2 Durability compliant
EWPAA Chain of Custody
Forest Certification Schemes Chain of Custody:
Glulam S Mark Certificate
Installation and Operation
I-Built Software Installation Details
I-Built Brochure
I-Built Garage Lintel Brochure
Additional Information
Engineering Design Properties

New Zealand Wood Products Ltd is a supplier of I-Built engineered timber, glulam, plywood and associated materials.

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