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Kopine Tongue and Groove Flooring

Kopine Tongue and Groove12 is a high-density particleboard flooring panel which has Codemark compliance and a 12 week exposure time.

It uses black plastic tongues fitted into a grooved edge with an ultra-strong glue used to bond the panels together and form a continuous flooring membrane. The glue is supplied with the panels at no extra cost and provides an effective moisture seal and significantly reduces edge peaking compared to glue-less systems. The result is a strong and quiet flooring surface which is cost effective, performs well and is easy to install.

Kopine Tongue & Groove12 has Environmental Choice NZ accreditation.

Key Features
  • Codemark compliant
  • Adhesive provided at no extra cost when you buy T&G
  • 12 week exposure time
  • No nogs or dwangs required
  • Moisture-resistant joints
  • Easy to install – see how
  • 2-hour walk on time
  • Environmental Choice NZ
  • Formaldehyde emission meets E1
  • 20mm thick
  • Two panel sizes – 2400 x 1200mm and 3600 x 1200mm
Environmental Choice (ECNZ) Licensed
ECNZ Licensed
Scope of Use
  • Suitable for residential flooring applications with a maximum frame spacing of 600 mm for a maximum 1.8 kN live load.
  • Suitable for use as a floor diaphragm within the scope of NZS 3604.
  • A minimum clearance of 550 mm must be provided between the underside of the flooring and the surface of the ground.
  • For concentrated loads over 180 kg or uniformly distributed loads over 200 kg/m2, a structural engineer should be consulted.
  • Joists should be at no more than 600 mm centres. For greater strength and stiffness, set joists at 400 mm centres for 2400 mm length or 450 mm centres for 3600 mm length sheets.
  • Regardless of the size of the floor, an 8 mm expansion gap must be provided between the panel edges and any fixed elements e.g. masonry walls, bottom plates etc.
Limitations on Use

Where Kopine Flooring Systems are used outside the scope of NZS 3604 or where concentrated loads exceed 180 kg or uniformly distributed loads exceed 200kg/m2 a suitably qualified professional must be consulted.

Kopine Flooring Systems are suitable for residential flooring applications with a maximum frame spacing of 600mm centres for a maximum load of 1.8 kN live load.

Live loads above 2.0kPa / 1.8 kN are required to be specifically designed using the properties table contained in the Kopine "Installation Guide and Technical Specifications" for Ultralock 12 and Tongue & Groove12 Flooring.

Kopine Flooring may be exposed to weather for up to 12 weeks. However, during construction all effort must be made to prevent ponding of water on the surface.

Protective membranes or coatings must not be used on the top or bottom of the floor while exposed to weather during construction.

For full guidance and information for specifying and installing Kopine Flooring Systems, please refer to the online video or installation instructions for Ultralock 12 and Tongue & Groove12 Flooring, or the "Installation Guide and Technical Specifications". 

Statement of Building Code Compliance

Clause B1 Structural:

  • Kopine Flooring is manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 1860 and as such complies with the structural requirements for sheet flooring of Clause B1/ 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 of the New Zealand Building Code.
  • The subfloor must be designed and constructed in accordance with NZS 3604 or designed by a suitably qualified professional.

Clause B2 Durability:

  • When used installed in accordance with the supplied "Installation Guide and Technical Specifications" document, and in accordance with NZS 3602, Kopine Flooring Systems will meet the durability requirements of the New Zealand Building Code under Clause B2/3.1a.
In-Service History

With over 25 years of experience Kopine is a market leader in the manufacture of particleboard with much of its production going to its New Zealand Panels Group sister companies, Prime Panels and Bestwood for use in the manufacture of Melamine panels.

Other Performance Attributes
  • Environmental Choice NZ accreditation
B1 Structure compliant
B2 Durability compliant
Material Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
CodeMark Certificate

CM70064 2020

Environmental Choice License
Installation Guide and Technical Specifications
Installation Instructions & Video

New Zealand Panels Group offer a wide collection of decorative interior panels and benchtop surfaces through its Prime Panels and Bestwood brands, and thermoform and custom finishing via Dezignatek.

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