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Laminated Annealed Safety Glass

Laminate annealed (not toughened) safety glass is made by a heat and pressure process that laminates two or more sheets of glass with a Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) interlayer between them. The standard and minimum interlayer is 0.38mm thick

When subjected to impact, the bond between the glass and interlayer adhere any broken fragments, keeping the glass intact and resisting penetration.

This important breakage characteristic significantly reduces the likelihood of serious injury, qualifying laminated glass as a Grade A safety glass in accordance with AS/NZ 2208 and other international standards. In addition, the glass will not fall out if used in sloped or overhead glazing applications providing environmental protection.  The major use for Laminated Annealed PVB Laminate is safety glazing for windows, doors, framed sloped and overhead glazing

Clear Laminate is stocked in the following options: 6.38, 8.3.8, 10.38 and 12.38mm

SafeLite Brochure

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