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SafeLite S Laminated Safety Glass

SafeLite S uses special high strength interlayer, such as SentryGlas, which provide increased structural properties, making the laminate ideal for special applications such as structural glass walls, fins, canopies, balustrades, floors, and some security applications.  

The structural interlayer is normally in sheet form, with some high strength film in rolls and the laminates can be made on normal PVB Autoclave lines and some batch laminating lines.

These structural laminates are so strong and stiff they can hold a toughened laminated panel together even if both panes are fractured.  In some cases they can be bonded to metal so special stainless steel fittings can be bonded into the glass, via holes and notches.  They are normally very stable at the edge from moisture attack, but care is required with sealants.  Typical interlayer thickness is 1.52mm and 2.28mm, and sheet size limits apply.

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