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Metra Panel Wall System: Inter-Tenancy

Metra Panel's Inter-Tenancy Wall System is constructed to provide structural support and both fire and sound insulation between habitable spaces from one dwelling to another. Suitable for apartment construction, the Metra Inter-tenancy Wall options comprise two different installation methods to achieve the desired sound insulation result, depending on each project's requirement.

One of the thinnest systems with 130mm and 172mm width options, the system is constructed to provide structural support, a 30/30/30 FRR and sound insulation ratings of either STC57 or STC61, whilst offering more overall floor space for projects for the same size building footprint. Proprietary linings can be eliminated and through clever design, plastering may not even be needed due to the larger panel size.

Option One (Standard)
Sound transmission: STC57
Thickness: 130mm
Installation Method: Double 18mm panel / 58mm gap / Double 18mm panel

Option Two
Sound transmission: STC61
Thickness: 172mm
Installation Method: 36mm panel / 100mm gap / Double 18mm panel

Key Features
  • Wall systems available in two thicknesses: 130mm or 172mm
  • Fire rated to 30/30/30
  • Can achieve STC57 or STC61
  • Panels extend out to the fascia line, preventing any fire breach through the soffit space
  • Panels reach up to approximately 25mm below the roofing material
  • Panels are sealed with fire and acoustic sealant to create a continuous airtight seal
Homestar / Green Star (Envirospec) Compliant
Homestar / Green Star
Lifemark Product Partner
Lifemark Product Partner
Scope of Use

When integrated with the entire METRAwalls, floor and ceiling system, Metra Panel Inter-tenancy Wall system is suitable for multi-unit developments.

The STC61 Metra Inter-tenancy Wall Design and Construction boasts a FRR 30/30/30 fire resistance rating and STC61 sound insulation, which can achieve a 1S Fire Rating classification for the NZBC and 1 for the NCC upon application of additional specified Resene coating.

Limitations on Use
  • Limited to a 30/30/30 fire rating
  • The IT wall must be constructed as stated in the Metra Panel IT Wall Manual
  • STC57 option is recommended for single level IT Walls between floors up to 2.7m high
NZS 3604 Wind Zone Very High suitable
Very High WInd Zone
Statement of Building Code Compliance

In the opinion of BRANZ, the Metra Panel System comprising Metra Panel wall and ceiling panels, and connections if designed, used, installed and maintained in accordance with the statements and conditions of the BRANZ Appraisal 364 (2015), will meet the following provisions of the NZBC: This is an appraisal of an Alternative Solution in terms of the NZBC.

  • Clause B1 Structure: B1.3.1, B1.3.2, B1.3.4 The Metra Panel Construction System meets the requirements for loads arising from self-weight, imposed gravity loads, earthquake, snow and wind (i.e B1.3.3 (a), (b), (f), (g) and (h)).
  • Clause B2 Durability: B2.3.1 (a) not less than 50 years.  The Metra Panel Construction System will meet this requirement.
  • Clause F2 Hazardous Building Materials: F2.3.1. The Metra Panel Construction System will meet this requirement and will not present a hazard to peoples health.
  • Fire Resistance Ratings refer to assessments of the degree to which the Metra Panel system is able to meet the categories of Structural Adequacy/Integrity/Insulation in accordance with AS 1530.4-1990.
  • STC refers to Sound Transmission Class and is a measure of sound insulation. It is measured as per the requirements in section G6/VM1 and G6/AS1 of the New Zealand Building Code.
  • Test results for both STC measure and FRR are available from Metra Panel on request
In-Service History
  • The satisfactory performance of both Metra Panel wall and ceiling panels in New Zealand over a period of 20 years has been recognised by BRANZ.
  • Metra Panel has been utilised for over 9,000 building projects throughout New Zealand: including four hospitals, numerous social housing projects consisting of medium to high density apartments and duplexes, large commercial factory and warehouse projects, and over 500 classrooms and 1,000 student accommodation units.
B1 Structure compliant
B2 Durability compliant
C Protection from Fire compliant
Protection from Fire
F2 Hazardous Building Materials compliant
Hazardous Building Materials
G6 Airborne and Impact Sound compliant
Airborne and Impact Sound
BRANZ Appraised
BRANZ Appraised
Interior Fire Rating 1S
Metra Inter-Tenancy Wall Manual


Metra Surface Finishing Guide


Acoustic Testing: ISO ISO 10140-2
BRANZ Appraisal Metra Inter-Tennancy Wall System 985 2018


Metra FRR 60/60/60 Ceiling Test Report
Metra Inter-Tenancy Wall FRR 60/60/60 Test Report
Penetrations in Metra Wall Fire Test
CAD/PDF Details
STC 57 Inter-tenancy Wall Concrete Floor Base Detail
STC 57 Inter-tenancy Wall Timber Floor Base Detail
STC 57 Inter-tenancy Wall Vertical Double Cleat
STC 57 Inter-tenancy Wall Vertical Single Cleat
STC 61 Inter-tenancy Wall Concrete Floor Base Detail
STC 61 Inter-tenancy Wall Horizontal Cleat - Top Hat
STC 61 Inter-tenancy Wall Horizontal Double Cleat
STC 61 Inter-tenancy Wall Horizontal Single Cleat
STC 61 Inter-tenancy Wall Opposing Battens - External Building Line
STC 61 Inter-tenancy Wall Timber Floor Base Detail
STC 61 Inter-tenancy Wall Vertical Double Cleat
STC 61 Inter-tenancy Wall Vertical Single Cleat

Metra Construction Panels are a New Zealand owned and operated, 25 year proven modular panel housing system — a robust, durable, energy efficient alternative.

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