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IBS CD Grade Structural Plywood

CD Structural Ply are plywood sheets supplied untreated or treated to H3.2 (CCA). The sheets are manufactured to AS/NZS 2269:2012 and are supplied with a clean-face veneer with solid knots and minor filling.

Sheets are 2400mm x 1200mm and supplied in the following thicknesses: 7, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 and 25mm.

Key Features
  • Super E0 low formaldehyde emissions 
  • WBP 'A' bond glue line
  • Thickness calibrated
  • Strength
  • Superior stiffness and stability characteristics
  • Full radiata pine face and core
  • Sheet size is 2400x1200mm
  • Available in thickness of 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm and 25mm
  • Available as untreated, or as treated LOSP H3.1/ treated CCA H3.2
PEFC Certified
PEFC Certified
Scope of Use

For full scope, limitations and assurance refer to the IBS CD Structural PASS and the IBS CD Structural Ply Cladding PASS.

IBS supply CD Structural Ply for use as:

  • a wall bracing element
  • floor or roof diaphragm
  • external cladding
  • flooring
  • deck or roof substrate
  • internal wall panelling
  • ceiling and soffit linings
  • crafts, general construction and formwork
Statement of Building Code Compliance

If designed, used, installed and maintained in accordance with the scope, this product will meet the following provisions of the NZBC:

  • B1 Structure: B1.3.1, B1.3.2, B1.3.3 (a, b, f, h, j, m, q) B1.3.4 (a, b, c, d, e)
  • B2 Durability: B2.3.1 (a, b), B2.3.2 (a, b)
  • F2 Hazardous Building Materials: F2.3.1
Other Performance Attributes
  • Super E0 low formaldehyde emissions 
B1 Structure compliant
B2 Durability compliant
F2 Hazardous Building Materials compliant
Hazardous Building Materials
Independent Assessment
Independent Assessment
PASS PTS: CD Structural Ply

PASS 19107

PASS PTS: CD Structural Ply External Cladding

PASS 19106

Care and Maintenance Guide

August 2021

Warranty General Terms

August 2021

Installation Guide

August 2021


August 2021

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