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Tretford Custom Rugs

Tretford Custom Rugs offer almost limitless design and sizing capability and a vibrant colour palette with optimum durability.

Tretford has a unique structural hard-edged construction and is dimensionally stable which allows for fixed or floating rug applications. The dimensional stability also allows Tretford to be cut to any shape, offering almost endless possibilities for custom designs.

Key Features
  • Australian made using the finest Tretford goat hair carpet
  • Colour palette of 61 colours can be used in any conceivable combination
  • Fresh custom CNC cutting or handcutting techniques are used
  • Dimensional stability provides a structured and clean look
  • Made from the highest grade goat hair from renewable resources
  • Tretford rug carpet acts as a natural insulator of heat and sound
  • Tretford rug fibres are breathable and are proven to positively affect indoor air quality
  • Think tough Mongolian goats — Tretford rug goat hair fibre performs in high traffic areas
Green Tag Certified
Green Tag Certified
Scope of Use

Tretford Custom Rugs are suitable for commercial interior spaces including building foyers, high-traffic areas like hallways and lift areas, boardrooms, showrooms, working and learning spaces, common areas, and living spaces. Tretford Custom Rugs can be custom designed and installed as floating, fixed, or even wall-to-wall or on-the-wall applications.

Limitations on Use
  • Interior use only
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • Meets fire standards for building code
In-Service History
  • Multiple installations for residential and commercial
Other Performance Attributes

Residential and commercial use, actively improves air quality by virtue of the nature of the natural goat hair fibre - absorbs ambient indoor moisture, and re-releases it as the environment requires it, doesn't shed and holds dust so great for asthmatics.


September 2021

Tretford for Education: Brochure

Heritage Carpets are exclusive New Zealand distributors for modulyss carpet tiles from Belguim, Tretford goat hair carpet from Ireland, Bentley flooring from LA, and supply custom rugs & carpets.

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