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GreenStuf Thermal Ceiling Insulation

To reduce heat loss in residential applications, the ceiling is the most important place to insulate. GreenStuf® Thermal Ceiling Insulation is available in pads ideal for placing between joists/trusses, and roll form ideal for rolling out between joists or trusses and as a blanket.

Key Features
  • Available in pads or blanket
  • Ideal for double-layer installations to achieve optimal thermal performance
  • Keeps buildings comfortable year-round
  • Thermally bonded without harmful chemicals
  • Safe and easy to install without PPE
  • Made locally in New Zealand
Declare LBC Red List Free
Declare LBC Red List Free
Green Tag Certified
Green Tag Certified
NZ Made
NZ Made
NZ-Owned Business
NZ-Owned Business
Scope of Use
  • Application: Thermal insulation
  • Fitting: Internal ceilings

GreenStuf Thermal Ceiling Insulation is designed for the thermal (and acoustic) insulation of buildings in accordance with New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) H1 Energy Efficiency, and G6 Acoustic Design requirements. GreenStuf Thermal Ceiling Insulation can be used as a roof blanket, in ceilings, under floors, internal and external walls and in mid-floor cavities. 

R-Value Thickness Width Form Nominal GSM Nominal Density
Thermal Conductivity
R2.9 115mm 870mm Slab 2650 23 0.040
R3.4 140mm 580-870mm Rolls 2550 18.2 0.041
R3.6 140mm 360-560mm Pads 3100 22.1 0.038
R3.6 210mm 580-870mm Roll 2050 9.8 0.057
R4.1 210mm 870mm Roll 2750 13.1 0.048
Limitations on Use

To ensure Building Code compliance, architects and building designers are advised to consult an engineer or the relevant NZ standards before specifying thermal and acoustic insulation products. For information and assistance please contact a GreenStuf account manager.

Statement of Building Code Compliance

NZBC Compliance: When installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, GreenStuf insulation will satisfy the 50 year durability clause NZBC B2.3.1 (a). GreenStuf meets the relevant clauses of NZBC E3 Internal Moisture, F2 Hazardous Building Materials, and will contribute to meeting H1 Energy Efficiency.

H1 Energy Efficiency: This product will contribute to a building meeting building code Clause H1. All GreenStuf thermal insulation is created to meet with MBIE's new changes.

Fire Regulations: GreenStuf insulation may not be suitable for all applications, as stipulated in the NZBC. Please consult a fire engineer when specifying GreenStuf insulation or contact aGreenStuf account manager for further information.

Acoustic Performance: GreenStuf insulation will assist sound reduction by reducing the resonating noise inside the construction cavity. Actual performance will vary with different construction systems. For acoustic design assistance please contact a GreenStuf account manager.

Hazardous Building Materials: GreenStuf is non-hazardous.

Durability: GreenStuf has a 50 Year Durability Warranty.

Moisture: GreenStuf is not affected by moisture. Exposure to an atmosphere of 50°C at 90% relative humidity for four days showed moisture absorption by weight of less than 0.03%.

Other Performance Attributes



B2 Durability compliant
E3 Internal Moisture compliant
Internal Moisture
F2 Hazardous Building Materials compliant
Hazardous Building Materials
G6 Airborne and Impact Sound compliant
Airborne and Impact Sound
H1 Energy Efficiency compliant
Energy Efficiency
Material Data Sheet
Thermal Ceiling Insulation Data Sheet
BPIR Document
Thermal Ceiling Insulation Install Instructions
Durability Warranty
Existing Homes
GreenStuf Guide
H1 Compliance Toolkit
Insulating Safely Around Downlights
Residential Guide
GreenStuf® Thermal Ceiling Insulation Product Page

GreenStuf thermal and acoustic insulation is made from 100% polyester fibre, with a focus on zero waste and recyclability, it contributes to improved air quality, and is safe to touch.

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