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Dulux DUREMAX GPE is a high performance protective coating locally developed specially for Australasian conditions using the latest epoxy technology.

Key Features
  • Excellent resistance to hot water immersion (80°C)
  • Ease of application — spray, brush, roller
  • Range of hardeners for varying climatic conditions
  • Potable water approval
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Wide range of colours available from the colorfast tint system
Scope of Use

Dulux DUREMAX GPE is formulated for the protection of structures exposed to severe environments such as chemical plants, offshore platforms, refineries, shiploaders, coal wash plants etc.

Suitable for use on steel, galvanising and concrete, is compatible over inorganic zinc and epoxy primers, and can be top-coated with a wide range of coating types.

Untinted DUREMAX GPE is suitable for fresh and salt-water immersion when cured with Fast Cure Hardener. 

Limitations on Use

This is an industrial product designed for use by experienced Protective Coating applicators. Where conditions may require variation from the recommendations on this Product Data Sheet contact the nearest Dulux Consultant for advice prior to painting. Do not apply in conditions outside the parameters stated in this document without the express written consent of Dulux Australia. Freshly mixed material must not be added to material that has been mixed for some time. Do not apply at temperatures below 10°C when using Standard hardener or 5°C when using Fast Cure or Quickturn Hardener. In cold conditions where a fast thinner is required Duthin 450 (920-81942). Do not apply at relative humidity above 85% or when the surface is less than 3°C above the dewpoint. Do not use Quickturn Hardener for immersion conditions. When used for immersion conditions the maximum overcoat interval is 3 days. The coating must be fully cured and completely solvent free prior to being placed under immersion conditions. For best results in water immersion conditions replace Dulux Epoxy Thinner (920-08925) with Dulux CR Reducer (965-63020).

Do not use on galvanised steel when using Fast Cure hardener as de-lamination can occur. The use of fast or low temperature hardeners may result in increased yellowing and a reduction of gloss level

Data Sheet

November 2018

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