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DURATION T80 is a premium, two-component, water borne, fluorinated polymer finish that demonstrates excellent gloss and colour retention and is designed for applications where extended service periods are required. This is delivered via a system with a very low VOC content of only 23 grams per litre. 

DURATION T80 can be used directly over DURATION Primers or over Dulux solvent borne epoxy primers, universal primers, epoxy intermediates and to aged, tightly adhering coatings subject to necessary solvent resistance tests and appropriate surface preparation. 

DURATION T80 is available in Gloss and Satin, and in the full range of colours 

Key Features
  • Excellent UV resistance and gloss retention
  • Very short re-coat time when applying wet on wet
  • Low VOC and low odour compared to equivalent solvent borne systems
  • Tintable — available in over 5,000 colours
  • Very good graffiti resistant properties
Scope of Use

DURATION T80 is formulated to be used as part of complete DURATION water borne protective coatings system for steel that is subject to sheltered or mild (C1-C3) corrosive environments.

  • Suitable projects include commercial construction, infrastructure and public spaces
  • Very short re-coat time when applying wet on wet
  • Tintable — available in over 5,000 colours
  • Graffiti resistant 
Limitations on Use

This is an industrial product designed for use by experienced Coating applicators. Where conditions may require variation from the recommendations on this Product Data Sheet contact your nearest Dulux Consultant for advice prior to painting. Do not apply in conditions outside the parameters stated in this document without the written consent of Dulux Australia. Do not use any product past its pot life. Product past its pot life may still appear fit for use but will develop substantially reduced gloss and may develop brittleness. Freshly mixed material must not be added to material that has been mixed for some time. The rate of cure is dependent upon temperature. Do not apply at temperatures below 10°C, or where the surface temperature is below 10°C. Do not apply at relative humidity above 85% or when the surface is less than 3°C above the dewpoint. Ensure the safety precautions on the Material Safety Data Sheets for the two components are read and understood before using. Only thin the mixed product with potable water. Do not add water to the PART B, isocyanate component.

In-Service History

DURATION T80 has been used on projects all throughout Australia including the QV1 Oculus Structure and Hammond Park.

Other Performance Attributes
  • Excellent UV resistance and gloss retention
  • Low VOC and low odour compared to equivalent solvent borne systems
  • Very good graffiti resistant properties
Data Sheet

December 2018

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