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Eurotray Roll Cap

A New Zealand inspired design and the most popular profile of the Eurotray family, Eurotray Roll Cap offers clean lines and a uniquely robust and distinctive look. Visualise the traditional timber board and batten look and then imagine this in metal and that is Roll Cap. The profile is ideally suited to withstand New Zealand’s harshest climates.

Key Features
  • Concealed clip
  • Suitable for roof and wall cladding
  • Photovoltaic laminates (PVLs) can be installed on to this profile
  • Can be run on site
  • NZMRM air box tested
Green Tag Certified
Green Tag Certified
Scope of Use
  • Cover Width: 575mm AKL, 565mm CHC, 579mm INV
  • Sheet width: 540mm AKL, 530mm CHC, 544mm INV
  • Minimum pitch: 5°
  • Suitable for roof and wall cladding
  • Photovoltaic laminates (PVLs) can be installed on to this profile
Limitations on Use
  • Eurotray requires a fully supported substrate underneath it
  • Cannot be curved
  • Suitable for most locations and venting of skillion ceiling roof designs is highly important. Dimond Roofing also recommends that a vented type underlay is used with these designs
  • Oil-canning, flatness or waviness is a condition that may occur when using wide pan profiles
  • Installed exclusively by RoofingSmiths installers
5° Minimum Roof Pitch Required
Statement of Building Code Compliance

Test information available from Pacific Coilcoaters and BHP NZ Steel, and past history of use of long run metal roofing and cladding products in New Zealand indicate that, provided the product use and maintenance is in line with the guidelines contained in the current literature referenced, Dimond long run metal roofing & wall cladding systems can be expected to meet the performance criteria in clause B2 and E2 of the New Zealand Building Code, for a period of not less than 15 years.

In-Service History

Dimond is New Zealand's largest manufacturer of steel roofing, cladding, structural and rainwater goods.

Other Performance Attributes
  • NZMRM air box tested

Green Tag:

  • All Dimond Roofing products roll-formed using ColorCote painted steel coil is Global GreenRate GreenTag certified and is applicable for Green Star and Home Star credits
B2 Durability compliant
E2 External Moisture compliant
External Moisture
Data Sheet
Dimond Roofing & Cladding Technical Manual
Product Technical Statement
Environmental Information
Environmental Information - Global Green Tag
Installation and Operation
Colour Range
Additional Information

Dimond Roofing are a manufacturer of steel roofing, cladding and rainwater products.

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