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 Designed for superior corrosion protection COLORSTEEL Altimate™ is the ideal roofing and wall cladding solution for some of the most extreme conditions found across New Zealand. Combining a marine grade aluminium substrate with the proven paint technology of COLORSTEEL, Altimate offers exceptional resistance to corrosion and a final aesthetic that naturally fits with its surroundings. The addition of Altimate completes the product range — there’s now a COLORSTEEL solution for the extreme conditions experienced right along New Zealand's coastline. 

Boasting a range of colours and profiles, COLORSTEEL Altimate is suited to everything from residential to commercial buildings; and from traditional styles to contemporary designs.

Key Features
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications including long run roofing, wall cladding, rainwater goods, sheds and fencing.
  • An aluminium substrate offering incredible resistance to corrosion
  • Suitable for extremely severe environmental conditions
  • A 3 layer organic coating consisting of anti-corrosive pre-treatment and primer layers and a topcoat, applied to both sides of the material
  • The COLORSTEEL paint technology provides exceptional resistance to chalking and fade
  • Available in a range of colours and profiles to suit any home or building
Scope of Use
  • COLORSTEEL Altimate is suitable for a wide range of roll-formed roof and wall claddings, rainwater accessories and general building products
  • Warranted in extremely severe environments for roofing, wall cladding, spouting and fascia.
Limitations on Use
  • Before using Altimate products in aggressive environments such as intensive animal shelters, swimming pools, chemical manufacturing plants, geothermal areas, or embedded in contact please contact one COLORSTEEL's Business Development Managers
  • Compatible with Zincalume and galvanised products, but care should be taken to avoid contact with the steel substrate of these products
  • Must not be used in wet contact with iron, steel, stainless steel, lead, timber or butyl rubber

Handling & Storage:

  • If COLORSTEEL Altimate products are to be stored for any time prior to forming or installation, they must be stored in dry, well ventilated conditions. Storage which allows water (including condensation) to be trapped between the sheets may damage the coating.
  • Products must be handled carefully during transport, fabrication and fixing to avoid damaging the surface
Statement of Building Code Compliance

COLORSTEEL Altimate is a Type 6 product in accordance with AS/NZS 2728:2013 and therefore is consistent with the NZ Building Code for use in environments as described in Acceptable Solution E2/AS1 Table 20.

In-Service History

COLORSTEEL Altimate is manufactured by New Zealand Steel Ltd. COLORSTEEL is made, tested and trusted for New Zealand conditions.

Other Performance Attributes

Colour Retention:

  • Colour retention (CIE Lab units Delta E) is 8 units maximum after 10 years exposure, and 10 units maximum after 15 years exposure. Chalk rating (AS 1580:481.1.11:1998) is no more than 4 after 10 years exposure
  • Solar reflectance and light reflectance values vary with colour, refer to COLORSTEEL Light Reflectance brochure for details


  • Aluminium substrate may be either 5005 H34 or 5052 H36 consistent with AS/NZS 1734:1997
  • COLORSTEEL Altimate is Product Type 6 consistent with AS/NZS 2728:2013
  • Tolerances are consistent with the requirements of AS/NZS 1734:1997

Fire Resistance:

  • COLORSTEEL Altimate is rated as a Group 1-S material and has an average specific extinction area of 50.9 m²/kg, a peak heat release rate of 6.5 kW/m² and total heat released of 0.2 MJ/m² when tested in accordance with ISO 5660:2002 Part 1 and Part 2.
COLORSTEEL Altimate Product Technical Statement


COLORSTEEL Altimate Installation Guide
Environmental Categories, Warranty & Product Maintenance Recommendations
Choosing COLORSTEEL Brochure
COLORSTEEL Altimate Design Guide


COLORSTEEL® Design Brochure
Colour Range

COLORSTEEL® is made, tested and trusted for New Zealand conditions — Inspired by surrounding colours and landscapes, COLORSTEEL strives to create products that will in turn inspire.

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