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Incedo Business Access Control

ASSA ABLOY's Incedo Business systems have been designed to provide the usability, flexibility and updatability demanded in today's always-on world. Easily expandable and endlessly scalable, it is quick to install, quick to upgrade and quick to provide results.

Hardware and software work in harmony within the Incedo Business system, to keep premises and assets safe, and people moving.

Incedo Software

Incedo Business Lite has everything needed to ensure people move around the site freely and securely.

Fully tested in multiple real-world scenarios before launch, Incedo Business Lite takes the pain out of everyday security management tasks — saving time and stress. Incedo Business Lite is completely free and is included with every Incedo security management ecosystem.

With Incedo Business Lite, one can easily add doors or employees to the access system and remove them. It is possible to set exactly who should access which doors — and when — and this can be changed whenever desired.

Incedo Hardware

An Incedo Cluster Controller Module is the heart of an Incedo system: it connects doors to the Incedo management software via Door Reader Modules or communication hubs. Choose Updaters and Credentials to suit the needs of the site and its users.

Hardware and software work in harmony within the Incedo Business system, enabling premises and assets to be kept safe — and people moving, together.

Alongside wireless locks and more security technologies from ASSA ABLOY’s market-leading ranges, Incedo is ready to integrate with third-party smart solutions from handpicked partners.

Key Features

Incedo Business is a future-proofed platform that can 'flex' to meet changing needs — today and tomorrow.

Delivering a high-tech experience at lowest possible cost: Flexible subscription packages offer greater control over budgets. In addition, state-of-the-art connectivity enhances data-gathering and decision-making, to drive continuous and cost-effective improvements in security and building efficiency, without compromising quality.

Minimising downtime and maximising return on investment: A new system that connects security and other building management systems, it facilitates easy installation, updates and upgrades — not just for ASSA ABLOY's Incedo-enabled hardware, but from third-party suppliers, too. Everything works together to minimise downtime.

Choosing the right vendors: An open platform from ASSA ABLOY, the world leader in door-locking devices, it allows the combination of Incedo systems with third-party applications, delivering an integrated and fully scalable solution.

Integrates security with building subsystems: Allowing seamless integration with ASSA ABLOY Incedo Business is a new open platform that is fully compatible with third-party hardware and building management software.

Implementing, managing and monitoring user-specific security systems and keeping track of updates across all applications: Enables the connection and control of multiple hardware and software elements within one feature-rich platform, Incedo Business enhances data-gathering to improve visibility and performance while reducing complexity and time-consuming activities, including updates and the management of multiple stakeholders.

Scope of Use
  • Security and access control for variety of premises sizes and business types
  • Range of management options
  • Can integrate with third-party smart solutions
  • Tailored to precise security and access control needs
  • Flexible system — can scale up or upgrade as security demands of the site change
Incedo Access Control Installation Guide
Incedo Business Access Control Brochure
Incedo Cloud Access Control Brochure

ASSA ABLOY specialise in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience.

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