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Smart Tray Snap-Lock Roofing

The Smarttray Snap-Lock profile is suitable for most roofing projects. With its unique profile, it is particularly suited to accomodate curved roof designs with a maximum formed width of 305mm, in either concave and convex shapes.

Suitable to a minimum pitch of 5°, this profile is widely used in all residential projects needing to conform to height restrictions and low roof designs. It looks equally attractive on a 45° pitch roof or used as a wall cladding.

NZ Made
NZ Made
NZS 3604 Earthquake Zone Very High suitable
Very High Earthquake Zone
NZS 3604 Wind Zone Specific Design suitable
Specific Design Wind Zone
E2 External Moisture compliant
External Moisture
Data Sheet
Dissimilar Metals/Materials
Specification Clause/Guide
Producer Statement
Maintenance and Warranty
Photo Gallery
CAD/PDF Details
Apron Flashing (Unvented Option A)
Apron Flashing (Unvented Option B)
Apron Flashing (Vented Option A)
Apron Side Flashing
Chase Apron Flashing (Unvented Option A)
Chase Apron Flashing (Unvented Option B)
Gable End Side Barge Flashing (Option A)
Gable End Side Barge Flashing (Option B)
Head Barge Flashing (Unvented)
Head Barge Flashing (Vented)
Side Drip Barge Flashing
Side Drip Barge with Integrated Fascia (Option A)
Side Drip Barge with Integrated Fascia (Option B)
Sill to Eyebrow to Soffit
Standard Drip Edge Flashing (Unvented)
Standard Drip Edge Flashing (Vented Soffit)
Standard Dropped Valley
Standard Hip And Ridge Flashing (Unvented)
Standard Hip and Ridge Flashing (Vented)
Standing Seam Single or Double Lock 3D

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