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ACO KlassikDrain

ACO KlassikDrain is a general purpose grated trench drain system, it is offered in three widths, 100mm, 200mm and 300mm. A wide variety of grates in different materials, slot designs, and load ratings are available. 

KlassikDrain's interconnecting polymer concrete channels feature an integrally cast-in wearing edge rail made from galvanised or stainless steel. Channels can be assembled to produce stepped fall, sloped or constant depth runs.

Key Features
  • DrainLok: patented, barless and boltless locking system provides quick fitting and removal of grates. Help reduce installation time, maintenance time and cost. Provides four locking points per metre
  • Wide choice of grates: in a variety of materials and designs including Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates for applications from load class A to load class D (up to approx. 8 tonne wheel load) AS 3996
  • Polymer concrete: a durable yet lightweight material made from polyester resin binder reinforced by mineral aggregates and fillers
  • Profiled side walls: provide channel body strength and mechanical keying to concrete encasement
  • Sloped (0.5%) channel units: metre long units provide 40 metres continuous slope. This equates to 5mm fall per metre. Five neutral channels extend run lengths. Four half-metre units and accessories are also available
Scope of Use

Typical applications:

  • Parking lots and garages
  • Shopping centres
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Light industrial areas
  • Commercial areas
  • Internal applications
Statement of Building Code Compliance

ACO believes that pedestrian-friendly grates and slip resistance go hand in hand. The grates with the trademark, Heelsafe® Anti-Slip comply with AS 3996, AS 4586 and all the specific user requirements described the opposite.


CAD/PDF (link to page on supplier website)
Specification Clause/Guide
Installation and Operation
CAD/PDF Details
KlassikDrain K100 - Load Class C-D Concrete

ACO are a world market leader in drainage technology with innovative solutions to new environmental conditions.

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