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ACO Access Rhinocast

A comprehensive range of circular, square and rectangular access covers manufactured from ductile iron to AS1831 and in full compliance with AS 3996.  Covers available with a solid top or recessed and are available in a single part, 2 part, 3 part, trench run, and multipart configurations. Brass and stainless edging are options for aesthetic applications.  Fire-rated systems are also available.

Typical applications are on streetscapes, commercial areas, docks and ports, roads and carriageways, wherever access to underground stormwater/sewer systems, electricity and communication enclosures is required.

Key Features
  • All covers are designed to meet AS 3996 Class B, C, D or G loading
  • 600/3 ductile iron cover to AS 1831 and grey iron frame
  • All covers are sealed to 1.5kPa to AS 3996 requirements
  • 'T' or cellular frame provides excellent anchoring of the frame into the concrete bed
  • Drawcut/undercut profile of cover and frame allows the cover to slide out, in one direction only
  • Reinforcing ribs cast into the cover provide required strength
  • Plastic dust caps prevent lifting boss filling with dirt and debris
  • Optional brass or stainless steel decorative edging adds 12mm or 40mm to overall height to allow for use with tiles or brick pavers
Scope of Use
  • Internal areas
  • Streetscapes
  • Prestige/Aesthetic projects
  • Commercial areas
  • Industrial applications
  • Docks and ports
  • Airports
  • Ducting trenches
  • Roads and carriageways
  • Electrical and communications
  • Trade waste, sewer and stormwater
Other Performance Attributes

Cast Iron: 

Grey iron is made when pig iron is melted in small cupola furnaces and poured into moulds to make castings. Containing around 2% - 6% carbon, scrap iron or steel is often added to vary the composition. Ductile iron is produced by adding magnesium to the molten pig iron; when the iron is cast, the carbon forms tiny spherical graphite nodules around the magnesium.

Engineering Properties:

  • 600/3 ductile iron to AS 1831:1985
  • Tensile Strength — 600 MPa min
  • 0.2% Proof Stress — 370 MPa min
  • Hardness — 145-185 (HRB)
  • Density — 7.15 gm/cc
  • Elongation — 3% minimum
Data Sheet

ACO are a world market leader in drainage technology with innovative solutions to new environmental conditions.

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