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Achieve Midfloor Acoustic Performance without Suspended Floors

Higher density and multi-unit living calls for high performance acoustic flooring systems that are sound mitigating and cost effective. 

Addressing a gap in the market, Woodland Lifestyle has developed  PhoneStar Lite, a midfloor acoustic system for timber floors. PhoneStar Lite uses sand encased inside an engineered cardboard cell to prevent sound transmission rather than mechanical decoupling. The sand adds mass to the system, and as a loose filling, helps disperse the sound waves. Suitable for use in both open beam construction or CLT, PhoneStar Lite exceeds G6 IIC and STC acoustic requirements.

PhoneStar Lite has been engineered with maintaining minimal flooring build-up in mind, and eliminates the need for a suspended floor. This allows for greater design flexibility where height considerations are an important factor. When installed correctly, PhoneStar Lite reduces build-up from 80mm from traditional methods to 20mm or less. 

Unlike traditional methods that require joist installation and more specification detailing, PhoneStar Lite does not require support therefore making it easier to specify and install. Additionally, wall linings can be installed after the acoustic floor, reducing the crossover of trades, risk of damage to finished work and overall cost.

PhoneStar Lite is fully tested with a full range of floor coverings including timber and ceramics and is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

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