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New 9.5mm Acoustic Vinyl Flooring System Exceeds G6 without a Drop Ceiling

Woodland Lifestyle are pleased to introduce their latest acoustic innovation, the Woodland SoundLite Acoustic System. This thin construction flooring overlay system — which includes both the acoustic underlay and vinyl surface — has been designed to achieve G6 requirements on multilevel builds with concrete slab subfloors.

How the Woodland Soundlite Acoustic System works

The Woodland Soundlite Acoustic System comprises two key components:

  • floorMuffler LVT Underlay: a 1mm high performance acoustic underlay that provides excellent through-the-floor and footfall noise protection, and;
  • Engage Genesis vinyl flooring: a unique 8.5mm multi-layered vinyl floating flooring that has outstanding acoustic qualities.

Together, these components create a finished acoustic flooring system that effectively muffles sound between floors of multilevel buildings — and all in a slim 9.5mm build-up.

Tested on site to exceed G6 requirements with no drop ceiling

Woodland Lifestyle has undertaken onsite testing of the Woodland Soundlite Acoustic System with Marshall Day Acoustics to prove that the slim build-up exceeds G6 requirements. Tested on a 175mm slab with no drop ceiling, the system achieved an IIC rating of 53dB — exceeding the 50dB requirement under G6 of the NZBC. This makes the system ideal for projects where a drop ceiling is not possible or desirable, with Woodland Lifestyle recommending a slab of 170mm or above.

Woodland Lifestyle has also done further laboratory testing of the system on different slab thicknesses with and without a drop ceiling to demonstrate compliance with G6.

Smooth transition to carpet from vinyl

The low 9.5mm build-up of the Woodland Soundlite Acoustic System makes transitions to carpet from vinyl simpler — with no need to mitigate for different floor heights. This eliminates the need for common workarounds — such as installing the vinyl system throughout or adding steps — simplifying specification and reducing complexity on site.

A cost-effective option for new projects and refurbishments alike

The Woodland Soundlite Acoustic system is a cost-effective option for refurbishments and new projects. The system provides savings through minimising the area where the system is needed due to the low build-up, and eliminating the need for drop ceilings where floor slabs are 170mm and above.

Backed by support from the Woodland Lifestyle team

As always, the Woodland Soundlite Acoustic system is backed by support from the Woodland Lifestyle team. “We can engage with architects or acoustic engineers early in the project to provide an estimate of what the system can achieve based on test results,” explains Ambrose Hewetson, South Island Territory Manager, Woodland Lifestyle. “And we offer free on-site acoustic testing on any jobs over 500m².”

Ultimately, the slim Woodland Soundlite Acoustic System is a smart option for exceeding acoustic requirements for vinyl on concrete slab, providing improved acoustic comfort in multi-level buildings.

Contact Woodland Lifestyle to learn more about the Woodland Soundlite Acoustic System.

View more information on Woodland Lifestyle, including contact details.
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