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Watertight Pond for Buddhist Temple in South Auckland

The Buddhist temple's architect was looking to waterproof the temple's reflection pond, but a range of issues needed addressing. Viking Enviroclad's membrane proved the right solution for ensuring watertightness.

The Challenge

With a living space beneath the pond, the watertight finish had to protect the building and its inhabitants. The membrane also had to be robust, as it would be exposed to other tradesmen working on-site during the post-membrane-installation phase.

Dealing with a number of penetrations (notably a complicated stainless steel water level system) without sacrificing its waterproof integrity, the membrane system had to account for the precise engineering requirements of the design. This ensured the water cascaded evenly along the entire length of the pond's edge for recirculation.

As the substrate could not be vented, theoretically, any moisture trapped in the concrete would eventually break down the membrane adhesive. Finally, the work had to be carried out in winter months, with the possibility of wet weather a major risk to membrane adhesion and welding.

Keeping the architect's original concept intact, Viking Roofspec was able to provide a series of solutions to ensure the stunning reflection pond remains watertight for the long haul.

The Viking Enviroclad membrane has high puncture resistance and can easily handle high foot traffic during construction. Ensuring compatibility with the stainless steel water level system at the pool edge, the technical team formulated and submitted an appropriate detail for absolute water tightness below the surface. A clamp-ring drain (minus its grill) and custom-made PVC coupler were designed and fitted to reticulate the recirculating water, and a hydropoxy coating was specified to seal the concrete prior to installation, clearing the issue of possible trapped moisture (any moisture would eventually dissipate from the concrete over time).

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