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Tile Warehouse Launches Outdoor Collection

When it comes to designing and decorating terraces and outdoor spaces, the choice of flooring is key. As a specifier, it’s important to ensure products in exterior spaces are fit-for-purpose — and safe. This is where tiled and paved floors for external areas become the ideal choice, as they combine style with functionality for successful project results.

Tile Warehouse's new Outdoor Collection is complemented by all-new mosaics for pools in stunning blues and green as well as IN/OUT options for indoors and out, creating seamless flow from indoors to exterior spaces.

Porcelain tiles are known for their resistance and durability. They are designed to withstand daily wear and tear, weather changes and constant traffic, making them a perfect choice for terraces and outdoor spaces. They will comfortably resist changes in temperature, humidity and sunlight, while always maintaining their appearance and quality over time.

Slip resistance

Safety is a major concern in outdoor spaces, especially in the presence of water or moisture. 10mm Exterior Tiles and 20mm Pavers manufactured for use outdoors have a non-slip surface, making them a safe choice. This provides added peace of mind to specifiers and designers, especially in areas of high rainfall or in the presence of swimming pools. Tile Warehouse's 20mm Pavers are structurally engineered for high resistance to breaking load and stress.

Wear and discolouration-resistance

Tiles maintain their appearance and colour over time, even when exposed to the elements. They do not fade in bright sunlight and do not wear easily, meaning that your terrace will maintain its fresh and attractive appearance for years to come.

Easy to clean and maintain, and stain resistant

One of the advantages of outdoor porcelain flooring tiles is that they are naturally stain resistant, making them ideal for outdoor areas where there may be various spills or dirt. Furthermore, this type of floor is very easy to clean and fully resistant to the effects of direct sunlight, rain and corrosion from external agents.

Wide variety of styles and designs

With innovation and ink-jet technology, tiles offer a wide range of options in terms of styles and designs. From stone or wood-look to contemporary and minimalist designs, there are tiles and pavers to suit all tastes and decorating styles. They are also available in a variety of sizes and formats, providing greater flexibility in outdoor design.

Exterior tiles, 10mm

The Tile Warehouse ‘IN/OUT’ ranges are a mix of both 10mm indoors and 10mm exterior so the perfect solution to ensure indoor/outdoor flow without breaking lines between different surfaces, textures and colours.

Exterior pavers, 20mm

20mm Porcelain Pavers are twice the thickness of most tiles and have all the benefits of a regular porcelain tile. They are the ideal paving solution in that they will not stain, fade and require no treatment. They are also easy to install. Porcelain pavers and slabs can be laid dry on sand, grass, or gravel or they can be laid on concrete with adhesive, as you would a traditional porcelain tile. Another alternative is to lay them using adjustable, raised supports such as Tile Warehouse's Pro-Jack supports with open joints allowing for drainage and providing a level tiled area out from doors to exterior living areas.

Porcelain pavers tend to be more interesting in design compared to traditional pavers. They often complement a 10mm porcelain range thereby creating the opportunity for seamless flow from indoors to exterior spaces.

Porcelain paver 20mm Benefits

  • Frost and salt-resistant
  • Colours do not fade
  • Mould resistant — porcelain has a low water absorption of 0.5% or less
  • Highly resistant to heavy loads and 
  • No need for an expensive concrete slab
  • Slip-resistant finish
  • Quickly installed and easily removed
  • Cost effective
  • No requirement for sealing
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Strength tested — can drive on a Porcelain tile if installed correctly onto concrete
  • Match exterior tiles for indoor-outdoor flow
  • Wear-resistant
  • Resistant to stains/spills
  • Allows water drainage
  • Huge range of options.

With no sealing requirements, low levels of maintenance and high slip resistance, Tile Warehouse Porcelain Pavers are the ideal solution for use in both public and private outdoor areas.

NB: Step nosings are available to match our Paver range.

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